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10 epic revenge movies to have catharsis: John Wick a Promising Young Woman

From doggy battles to women teaching the “nice guys” a lesson, these movies are essential.

Do you need something that excites you and leaves you with a racing heart? A revenge movie marathon is what you may be missing.

They say that revenge is never the solution, that this will not make us feel better and it will not take us very far, but there are a few films that prove otherwise and that let us experience catharsis and an emotional explosion when we see how its protagonists do justice and destroy their enemies.

In the real world the bad guys don’t always pay, justice doesn’t always come and sometimes the best answer comes too late and you can’t say it with the same effect anymore, but the cinema is perfect and it knows exactly what to do so that what we would like to see In reality it can exist in their fantasy and fictional worlds, with parents who manage to rescue their daughters from human traffickers, hitmen who come out of retirement to kill all those who attacked their puppy and even with women who pretend to be drunk to talk about consent and reveal all the abuses that are committed when you believe that someone cannot defend themselves.

This year, a revenge film is nominated for the Oscars 2021 in the categories of Best Picture, Best Actress, Best Director, Best Screenplay and Best Editing, and all of that led us to remember other great films in which revenge is the star. and they allow the protagonists to give us that satisfaction that we cannot always achieve off-screen.

The most epic revenge movies:

John wick

It all started with a stolen car and a murdered puppy, and it became one of the best action sagas of all time. Keanu Reeves is John Wick , a retired hitman who, after the death of his wife, the theft of his car and the death of the puppy that she left him as a souvenir, decides to come out of retirement to go chase everyone who played a game. role in crime.

Wick is brutal and tireless and can turn anything into the deadliest weapon to destroy his enemies, even when hunted by thousands of expert assassins seeking to destroy him for a reward.

The Skin I Live In

Pedro Almodóvar explores the extremes that a person could go to when someone harms their children. Antonio Banderas becomes a brutal antihero in this story in which, when he believes that his daughter was sexually abused at a wedding, he decides to go out and find the culprit and make him live what she experienced.

Your plan? He finds the “rapist”, kidnaps him and performs a series of experimental surgeries to turn him into a woman and then lock him up in his mansion, where he forces him to fulfill each and every one of his whims, until he ends up in love with his creation and everything falls apart. it becomes more disturbing and strange.


We are not talking about the version of Spike Lee with Josh Brolin and Elizabeth Olsen (although it is very good), but about the original of Chan-wook Park , which follows a man who wakes up locked in a strange room where a voice torments him all days for years.

Dae-su Oh for years locked up, but one day the door opens and he receives the opportunity to go find the man who kidnapped him, the problem is that he only has 5 days to achieve it, otherwise he will not be able to take revenge and find out why He did all that to her.

Promising Young Woman

Nominated for 5 Oscars , Emerald Fennell’s film with Carey Mulligan is powerful and brutal, and it’s a tale of revenge with a mind-blowing ending that makes you reflect on the choices you make.

The film follows Cassie, a 30-year-old woman who stopped her entire life after a personal tragedy, but did not stop her to suffer in silence, but to go out into the world to teach all the men who take advantage of women a lesson. vulnerable without receiving punishment, pretending to be drunk so they can take her home and scaring them when they think they can do whatever they want with her, all while preparing a complex plan to get revenge on those who destroyed her life.


Liam Neeson became one of the great heroes of cinema with this film that surely left everyone who has daughters somewhat terrified.

Taken begins when the daughter of Bryan Mills, a retired CIA agent, is kidnapped in Europe, she manages to call him and give him some details about his attacker, which he later uses to travel to Paris to try to find her, destroying the entire world. crossing his path and using everything he learned at the CIA to track down criminals and get his daughter back before it’s too late.


Matilda Lutz stars in this French film with one of the bloodiest and most brutal revenge stories.

Lutz plays Jen, a woman who is invited by her boyfriend to go on a weekend trip with his friends, who later decide to rape, beat her and leave her for dead in the desert. Jen manages to mysteriously survive and decides to become a hunter, going out to find those who attacked her to teach them a lesson and show them that every action has consequences, some of them very violent.

Kill bill

Quentin Tarantino turned Uma Thurman into a vengeful bride who, after she was tried to murder her on her wedding day, spends years in a coma and wakes up wanting to go after everyone who was involved.

The Bride, who does not reveal his name in the first film, begins by chasing those below, visiting the people who collaborated with the real leader of the operation, and little by little he goes up to achieve his goal: kill the man who he betrayed her and he tried to finish her off.


This is a bit more poetic revenge, Gladiator also has to do with murdered families and family betrayals, but then it becomes a struggle to survive and finally a way to make a villain pay for his crimes.

Russell Crowe is Maximus, who is accused of murdering the king and sold as a slave, but later becomes a gladiator and seeks revenge on the corrupt emperor who caused all his troubles and tragedies.

The Secret in Their Eyes

Nicole Kidman and Julia Roberts star in the remake, but the good thing is the original Argentine film with Ricardo Darín . The story takes place in 1999, when a retired law enforcement officer, Benjamín Espósito, begins writing a novel based on an old rape and murder case that he could never solve. Benjamín was personally involved with the case and could not overcome having found no answers, in addition to the fact that the agency ignored the man he and his team considered the main suspect.

The novel was supposed to be a closure, but instead he begins to obsess more, which leads him to look again for the people connected to the case and to try to get those answers to finally catch the killer.

Gone Girl

How far would you go to get revenge on someone who betrayed you? In this Gillian Flynn story Rosamund Pike discovers that her husband is cheating on her, so she decides to carry out a macabre plan.

Amy (Pike) mysteriously disappears and everything indicates that her husband could have murdered her, the clues are increasing and the police are about to arrest him, but the truth turns out to be much more complicated and Nick (the husband in question) must do everything possible for finding his wife before he is charged with a crime he did not commit, although the answers could be far worse than the reality of spending years behind bars.

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