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10 great movies based on true events that have won an Oscar

Some true stories without so incredible, that Hollywood can not resist the urge to bring them to the big screen.

There are a few films based on true events that are nominated for this year’s Oscars and the ones that do win some awards are going to join a long list of winning films that feature characters, moments and stories that really existed and marked the world of one way or another.

They say that reality sometimes mimics fiction (like when sci-fi movie predictions of technological advancements come true), but when it comes to film, things can also be the other way around. There are great movies that are pure fiction, fantasy and imagination, but there are others that let us travel back in time to explore real lives that are extraordinary and that inspired someone to write a script to share with the world.

Time machines do not exist (or do they?), But we do not need them either, film and television allow us to move through time and witness things that happened years ago and very far from us. Great actors transform into different people and bring back the legends of art, fashion, activism and many other areas, ordinary men and women who accomplished great things without the rest of us noticing, and that’s something. that the Academy clearly loves.

Julia Roberts , for example, won an Oscar for Best Actress by becoming Erin Brockovich, Rami Malek won his by bringing back Freddie Mercury and Ben Kingsley achieved the same when he played Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi in the 1982 biopic. , but it is not only the actors, there are films that won several awards, including Best Picture, for having moved away from fiction, and they are already classics that every movie fan should see.

Movies based on true events that swept the Oscars:


Won Best Picture in 2000

Maximus didn’t really exist, and there wasn’t a Commodus like Joaquin Phoenix’s either, but Ridley Scott’s film is based on the true stories of Roman gladiators, who were brought to the coliseum to fight to the death as a way to entertain the people. . Scott even took steps to make the film as historically correct as possible, adding just a bit of drama and new characters to make it more interesting.


Won Best Picture in 1984

F. Murray Abraham also won an Oscar as an actor for his role as Antonio Salieri in this Milos Forman film that tells the story of the legendary Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and the difficult life on the Vienna music scene. Forman’s version has some things that didn’t really happen (Salieri doesn’t kill Mozart), but it does let us know a little more about one of the most important musicians in history.

A Beautiful Mind

Won Best Picture in 2001

The film also won the awards for Best Director, Best Supporting Actress and Best Screenplay , and Russell Crowe was nominated for Best Actor for his role as John Nash, a Nobel Prize winner who suffered from schizophrenia and who learned to control his hallucinations thanks to to your intelligence. The story isn’t exact either and there are some things that happened differently, but overall it makes a good portrait of Nash’s character.

The Last Emperor

Won Best Picture in 1987

This film has the most impressive settings and its photography is perfect. As its name implies, this film by Bernardo Bertolucci tells the story of the last emperor of China, from when he was a child, until he was arrested by the Red Army and accused of being a war criminal in the 1950s. It is Pu- Yi, the emperor, who remembers his childhood from prison and recounts the most difficult moments of his reign in the mysterious Forbidden City.

12 Years a Slave

Won Best Picture in 2013

This Brad Pitt- produced film tells the story of Solomon Northup , an African-American musician who is deceived, kidnapped, and sold as a slave in 1840, serving 12 years full of pain, abuse, and violence before being rescued and reunited with his family.


Won Best Picture in 2021

The film Ben Affleck shows one of the craziest rescue operations that have existed. Affleck plays Tony Mendez, a CIA agent who creates a plan to help a group of American citizens escape from Iran after the hostage crisis of the 1970s. What was his plan? Create a fake movie to be able to enter the country and save the hostages before they are discovered.

Out of Africa

Won Best Picture in 1985

Meryl Streep took one of her many nominations for this film which is loosely based on the memoirs of Karen Blixen, a woman left in charge of her family’s huge farm in Kenya. The film is based more on the love story than the farm or the Blixen family fortune, but his memoirs inspired much of what is seen in the film.


Won Best Picture in 1976

Rocky wasn’t a real boxer, but Sylvester Stallone revealed that he was inspired to write the script after watching a fight between Muhammad Ali and a rookie named Chuck Wepner, who endured 15 rounds in one of the most brutal fights of all time.

The Sting

Won Best Picture in 1973

The Sting took home 7 Oscars, including Best Director and Best Costume, and Robert Redford was nominated for Best Actor . The film is based on the story of con brother brothers Fred and Charley Gondorff, whose story was documented in the book The Big Con: The Story of the Confidence Man. George Roy Hill’s film sees the brothers working on a take-away plan. out the scam of the century.

The Killing Fields

Won Best Supporting Actor in 1984

Winner of three Oscars, this film takes us into the brutal labor camps of the Khmer Rouge and focuses on a journalist trapped in Cambodia during dictator Pol Pot’s bloody ‘Year Zero’ campaign of ethical clean-up, which claimed the lives of two million innocent people.

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