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10 movies on Netflix for lovers of psychology

What you need to blow your mind.

We love psychological tapes because they give us a glimpse into people’s mindsets and thinking, and the effect their past and trauma have on how they act and how their lives function. We are voyeurs of psychological phenomena. As a way to indulge that curiosity, here we list the best psychological movies on Netflix , which will undoubtedly blow your mind and open your mind to other scenarios and possibilities of human delusions.

Personal shopper

A brilliant film with one of the best performances of Kristen Stewart’s career . This film follows an American woman who goes to live in Paris and starts working as a personal shopper for a famous woman. At the same time, the girl is trying to communicate with her twin brother, who died prior to the beginning of the tape. The world of the woman he follows mixes with his personal desires, changing his perspective on the world. This work is frightening, and it delves into the depths of our psychology to understand what the protagonist thinks or may think.


Look inside the mind of a serial killer is possibly one of the hardest things to bear. This film gives us a look at a brutal murderer who is inspired by the deadly sins to choose his victims, and the reasons why he wants to get rid of them. The film reveals his obsession and his game while presenting the psychological effect he has on the detectives who follow his case. One of the best David Fincher tapes.

A Cure For Wellness

This is an interesting and different psychological horror film that follows a young executive who is sent to a mysterious rehabilitation center in the Swiss Alps to pick up a colleague of his. However, once he’s there, he comes across a strange place that seems to have a strange effect on those who work there. The individual tries to escape but is forced to undergo a kind of therapy that leads to a psychological breakdown, based on his lifelong traumas.

Buster’s Mal Heart

Rami Malek stars in this brilliant play that could well be a spiritual relative of the madness of the Mr. Robot series. In this play, Malek plays a man on the run from the authorities who uses a radio to rant about an invasion. The man has strange visions about the sea and memories of his life as a family man. It is not until the story progresses and we see him suffer that we realize what is really going on in his mind.

The Prestige

Brilliant work by Christopher Nolan that uses magic to tell us about obsession and passion for art. The film features two illusionists fighting for the best tricks, taking the fight too far, approaching violence. While one of them really has a passion for art, the other has an inordinate obsession that leads him to almost destroy his life so that he can beat his opponent. In the end, as time goes by, we discover who the real winner is.

The Perfection

Netflix original film that was not widely discussed and is currently underrated. The story follows Charlotte, a talented musician who is forced to leave her prestigious school to care for her mother, who is about to die. Later, a woman who is dating her begins to experience horrible symptoms, vomiting worms, until she decides to cut her hand. Scary? Wait to find out what is happening.


Based on the Stephen King light novel, this brutal story follows a man who decides to murder his wife to avoid losing fields that belong to him. However, shortly after death begins to haunt him in the form of visions of rats that do not leave him alone. Meanwhile, his son, who was also part of the crime, begins to have psychological consequences and decides to leave him, starting another separate story that will also torment him.

The Invitation

Considered one of the best thrillers of recent years, this film follows a man who responds to his ex-girlfriend’s invitation to go to a party. At first he doubts the reasons why he is invited but decides to go. Once there, he decides to find out what his ex-partner wants, but at the same time he begins to have regressions about the death of the son they had and other events within their relationship, revealing that – although he has advanced – he has not forgotten it or the psychological damage left by their relationship.


A classic of the new age of cinema, and possibly a tape that most people have already seen. Christopher Nolan decides to delve into our dreams and the effect they have on us, and the decisions we make. The play follows a man who can enter people’s dreams, and who has the job of inserting an idea into the mind of an entrepreneur so that he can reunite with his children. 

Clair Obscur

This Turkish film is a bit different, and follows two women who are quite different from each other but who have several things in common. While one is oppressed by macho traditions, another seems to have all the freedom of Western cultures. However, once they are discovered, they notice that the psychological damage that both have, caused by their cultural context, turn them into similar beings, damaged and ready to rebuild.

These are the best psychological movies on Netflix. If you are looking for something shorter (or longer) you can see our list of series for psychology lovers by clicking on this link.

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