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1899: everything we know about the terrifying new series from the creators of Dark

The creators of Dark and Elite are back with a series of horror and suspense that takes us to the past of Europe.

1899 is not a date that happened long, long ago, but rather the name of the new series in the new series from the creators of Dark and Elite for fans of horror and suspense.

Dark was one of the best series in Netflix history , so it was to be expected that the platform decided to continue working with the people who made it possible. After Dark came the announcement that Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese, scriptwriters and creators of the German series, would be developing more projects, and now everything indicates that the first one we are going to see is about 1899.

Not much is known, but it has already been confirmed that it is a thriller with elements of horror and suspense that the duo began to develop in 2018 and whose script began to be written at the end of 2020. Baran bo Odar has also just shared a series of mysterious images on his social networks in which he confirms that, like Dark, this series will have a dark style and with great photography, in addition to the fact that actress Emily Beecham (from Hail, Caesar!) will be one of the stars of the show.

What is 1899 about?

According to reports, 1899 tells the story of a group of immigrants from ancient Europe who go out in search of new opportunities and decide to go to the United States aboard a ship that leaves London and heads to New York City. . But, during the tour, the group runs into another ship that seems to be adrift, and that will lead them to live a terrible nightmare.

It is also said that the series is being filmed in Germany, London, and the United Kingdom (so we can expect incredible scenarios), and that the production has a team that includes Dario Madrona, who is one of the creators of the Elite series (which is one of Netflix’s most popular foreign series ) and a cast with international actors from countries such as Spain, England, Russia, Denmark and Germany, although for now only Beecham’s participation has been confirmed.

When is 1899 released?

Originally it was said that the series would begin filming in February 2021, but the new reports assure that 4 of the 8 chapters are already finished, which indicates that everything started a little earlier since we could see a first trailer within the next few months, with a release by the end of the year or early 2022.

In addition, it was also revealed that the first chapter bears the name of The Ship, confirming that from the first moment they are going to show us what happens on that mysterious ship that will put the protagonists of the series in serious trouble.

And the rest of the cast?

Emily Beecham will undoubtedly play an important role in the series, it is likely that she is a main figure in the story and that we can know more about her when the official trailer arrives, but Baran bo Odar revealed in December 2020 a series of photos where More than the actors can be seen in the middle of a lonely forest and in a mysterious room, although it is not known who they are or what characters they will play.

That’s all that is known for now, but with the creators of Dark and Elite behind the project, we are confident that this series will become Netflix’s next big hit and that each episode will leave us thinking and creating theories, as happened when Dark revealed to us that the story was not about the simple disappearance of a child.

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