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4th year of Stranger Things will be the darkest of all, says Finn Wolfhard

Actor says team has amplified all characteristic features of the series.

As the series’ actors grow, Stranger Things has allowed itself to become increasingly dark and terrifying. And if Finn Wolfhard is being honest, the fourth season will be the most obscure yet. In an interview with CBC radio, the boy stated that all aspects of the production were “amplified” and that he is looking forward to the premiere of the new episodes.

“In the third season I was like ‘this is the darkest year’ – because of the exploding mice and stuff. But in reality, the fourth year so far … It is the darkest ever, ”said Wolfhard. According to him, all the characteristics of the series have been increased. “Every year it gets funnier, darker, sadder and everything. I’m really excited for people to watch it. ”

The production of  Stanger Things resumed in September after a  pause due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus. There is still no premiere date for the new episodes. Previous seasons are available in the Netflix catalog.

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