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7 movies to watch on Valentine’s Day If You Are Single

Don’t know what to do on February 14? Here are a few movies that will appeal to anyone who thinks Valentine’s Day sucks.

It’s almost Valentine’s Day! For every Valentine’s Day lover, there is a bachelor who spends the day at home trying to ignore the fact that there are a lot of flowers, kisses, and gooey feelings all around them. Of course, many don’t care and live on February 14 like any other day of the year, but others have a harder time, especially if they feel guilty about not having a partner or wanting a little love. For them, we have something special. We have decided to compile 7 anti-love movies for all those who are thankful that they are not in a relationship. These films show that it is not always positive to single . 

Get out

We begin this selection with the story of Chris, a black man who finds himself in a relationship with a white woman, who invites him to meet his family. However, the woman is hiding something quite peculiar that completely changes the tone of the film. Jordan Peele uses horror for social criticism, and that’s the central theme, but we can also dwell on the fact that sometimes we can’t trust the person we think is closest to us and that meeting your partner’s parents can turn into a nightmare. 


Another horror story that has practically become a cult story. Florence Pugh stars as a woman who travels with her boyfriend and friends to attend a summer festival in a remote Swedish village, which seems like a simple exploration of nature. However, as the story progresses, locals invite visitors to participate in their extremist rituals.

Gone Girl

Ben Affleck stars in this brilliant David Fincher movie that starts off simple and ends up getting a lot more complex. The story begins when Nick’s wife, Amy, disappears from their home leaving a trail of clues that seem to point to him as the ideal culprit. As an audience, we are really wary of Nick, who doesn’t seem to be in control of what’s going on, and even though he acts like the most loving man in the world, we come to understand that his “beloved” wife is not as loved as he says.

Marriage story

Mandatory story to stop believing in love. Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver are the protagonist couple, who decides to divorce, of this film. And while at first it all seems too friendly and logical, as the process progresses the wounds of the past, central relationship issues, and the truth about why the relationship didn’t work out begins. to come out. It doesn’t show us so much how the relationship is progressing, but the breakup and reminds us that many stories end like this. 

(500) days together

Prime Video

This movie hasn’t aged very well and that’s exactly why it can be a perfect addition to this list, since, if one notices that Tom, the main character, has actually idealized his relationship with Summer. In this way, one can see the absurdity that romanticism sometimes falls into and the ideas that are created when the facts are different. A good reason to laugh at love? We think so. 

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Prime Video

It’s interesting, because this movie can be either pro-love or anti-love depending on the perspective you watch it from. Without much spoiler (although we doubt there are many people who haven’t seen the film yet), the story shows a bit of relationship cycles, absurd ideas of love, lack of communication. and the illusion of starting over. Jim Carrey is a man who decides to erase his ex-girlfriend from his memory. A little depressing yes, but we can learn a lot from this film. 

Fight Club

Prime Video

Some forget it, but Fight Club , at its heart, tells a love story between the narrator and Marla Singer, who serves as a kind of spectator in her existential crisis. The relationship begins with contempt but has a certain flair that makes the narrator feel guilty. It is only after the big revelations that we can understand the nature of his relationship with her, the unpredictability, the absurdity and the denial that he has before accepting that she might be good for him. 

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