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Amazon will reinvent MGM properties for the 21st century, says Jeff Bezos

Company now controls franchises like Rocky, 007 and Tomb Raider

Amazon is more than ready to dominate cinema. Company president Jeff Bezos said in a presentation after the acquisition of MGM that the company plans to “reimagine and develop intellectual property for the 21st century” (via Variety).

The businessman, who will leave Amazon’s command on July 5, cited franchises like 007, Rocky The Handmaid’s Tale, Vikings and Tomb Raider, saying that some choices made by the studio could be risky. “The only way to achieve an above-average return is to take a risk and many of these risks may not be worth it. The history of our company is about taking risks, many in which we fail and many who are yet to fail ”.

The MGM catalog includes more than 4,000 films, with classics such as The Silence of the Lambs, Thelma and Louise and The Pink Panther and still has around 17,000 television series such as Fargo, The Handmaid’s Tale and Vikings.

The acquisition should not affect the release of the next MGM films, such as 007 – No Time to Die, in theaters. As previously reported, the distribution and distribution budgets for MGM’s 2021 films in cinemas are already fixed.

The finalization of the merger between Amazon and MGM has yet to be approved by regulatory bodies in the market.

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