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Another Round: the Best Foreign Film at the Oscar will have a remake with Leo DiCaprio

After taking home an Oscar, Thomas Vinterberg’s film will receive the Hollywood treatment with another Oscar winner.

Another Round won the Oscar in the category of Best Foreign Film , thanks to a funny story about a group of friends going through a crisis of the Middle Ages who, in order to solve their problems, decide to test a theory that says that everything would be better if you’re just a little drunk all the time.

In his acceptance speech, director Thomas Vinterberg revealed that his daughter lost her life in an accident when filming had just started, so he dedicated the film to her. Another Round has hints of drama and comedy , and a brilliant performance by the legendary Mads Mikkelsen (who you probably remember as the younger version of Hannibal Lecter on the show), and now Hollywood wants to give it a new life.

Generally, studios wait a few years to remake a movie, but Another Round is so good that this time they didn’t want to wait and, according to Variety, they are already working on an English version that could have the Oscar winner. , Leonardo DiCaprio, as the protagonist.

The Variety report says Leonardo DiCaprio is expected to take on the role originally played by Mads Mikkelsen , but there is no formal agreement at this time. The producer of DiCaprio, Appian Way , acquired the rights to the film after a bidding war that allegedly involved the Nine Stories producer Jake Gyllenhaal and Elizabeth Banks.

Will the remake of Another Round be exactly the same?

It is likely to have small changes, such as showing a city in the United States, but the essence must remain the same and, to ensure that, T homas Vinterberg, who was also nominated at the Oscars 2021 in the category of Best Director, will the executive producer of the remake, along with Sisse Graum Jørgensen and Kasper Dissing.

Vinterberg co-wrote Another Round with Tobias Lindholm, but is said not to direct or write the next version.

The cast of Another Round included Mikkelsen and Danish actors Thomas Bo Larsen, Magnus Millang and Lars Ranthe, who played the four friends who decide to start drinking alcohol every day to maintain a certain level of alcohol in their blood to watch. how that can affect your creativity and your daily life.

In his moving Oscar speech, Vinterberg said the film should be an inspiration and a tribute to his 19-year-old daughter. “We wanted to make a movie that celebrates life. We ended up making this movie for her, it’s her monument. “She added,” You are part of this miracle. Maybe you’ve been pulling some strings somewhere. “

The cast

For now not much is known about it, Leonardo DiCaprio won the rights to produce the English version and it is very likely that he will stay with one of the characters, probably the protagonist, but it is not known who the other 3 actors could be. accompany him in this new adventure.

There has also been no specific director named to direct the remake and, for obvious reasons, there is no set release date for the film.

At the moment, Another Round is one of the winners of the Oscars 2021 that you can see in streaming, it is available to rent through the Amazon Prime platform (where you can also see the movie Sound of metal, which gave it an Oscar three brilliant Mexicans in the Best Sound category). Other winners of this edition of the Oscar are available on Netflix and Disney +.

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