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The Marvel movie has two post-credits scenes. What can we expect from them? There is an alleged leak that should not be paid too much attention to and another that poses a new scenario for Marvel movies and series.

With the first reactions and criticism of the Marvel movie Ant Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, confirmation has come of the number of post-credit scenes it will have: two, one in the middle of the credits and another at the end. As you can imagine, the content of the post-credits of ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania ‘ has not been revealed, beyond the fact that they connect with the narrative of phase five, which is the same as saying nothing. During the last week it has allegedly leaked that one of the scenes connects directly with season 2 of ‘Loki’So, for the first time, a post-credits scene from a Marvel movie would connect to a Marvel series and not just serve to connect movies together. This alleged leak has a certain logic. 

The post-credits of the ‘Ms Marvel’ series connect directly with ‘The Marvels’ and, deep down, the ‘Loki’ series has presented the great villain of the new phases of Marvel. What happens is that the reverse path had never been done until now, if this leak is confirmed. It was something that fell under its own weight, given that there are hints of what is to come with Kang, Jonathan Majors’ character from now on, scattered throughout the series and movies, starting with the Darkhold from ‘WandaVision’, Shang-Chi’s rings and ‘Ms Marvel’ bracelets. The reverse path was a matter of time. If confirmed, it would be the first time that there is a post-credits scene of a movie that connects with a series.

What does not make sense is the unfounded rumor (in Frames we do not give it any credit at all, you already know that we are not very friendly with anything that is not confirmed by that thing called a source!) that the ship of the 4 will appear Fantastic for rescuing Scott (Paul Rudd) and Hope (Evangeline Lilly) from the Quantum Realm. But there is more, it turns out that Deadpool, Logan, 838, Monica Rambeau, two Spider-Man, Morbius, and a variant of Black Panther would also appear in that scene. This false information, aside from being a full-fledged fan fiction exercise, loses sight of what the post-credits of Marvel movies are and what they are for and, above all, what their degree of real scope is. We are not talking about expectations, but about what they actually do.

We have already told you more than two and more than three times that the origin of Marvel’s post-credits is in the movie ‘All in a Day’, which impacted Kevin Feige many years before he became the boss of Marvel Studios when I was just a movie buff. This movie showed him that there could be a small reward at the end of the movie for those who stayed to see the credits. “(The idea of ​​introducing post-credits scenes) came to us (while making ‘Iron Man’). Well, we don’t have the X-Men, we don’t have the Fantastic Four, we don’t have Spider-Man, but we have everything Even though ‘everything else’ hadn’t been made into a great movie before, or didn’t have the recognition that other characters did, we had an opportunity to start putting certain heroes in other hero’s movies, which hadn’t happened before. It hasn’t been done before. It is an advantage of what is to come”, said Kevin Feige during the promotion of the movie ‘Avengers Infinity War’ in an interview inEntertainment Weekly . And that’s where Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury came in. “We wanted Nick Furira to be the character that weaves the characters together, but we didn’t want to interrupt the movie. You know, if Sam Jackson with an eyepatch showed up in the middle, it could be jarring. I figured the only people who would stick around during the credits they were people who would know who the guy with the patch was,” he explained.

And how did these scenes turn into something else?“It varies from movie to movie, and it always comes down to, what do we think would be a fun extra at the end of the movie? What do we think would be a fun thing that’s a little outside of the narrative, but tied into the larger overall narrative? , would that be the fun reward for people who hear all our names? Sometimes, like with Nick Fury, the idea came up during filming and we were able to shoot it at the time. The ‘Iron Man 2’ scene, which is basically Coulson going to the desert and finding the hammer, it came up when I was reading drafts of the ‘Thor’ script and I read that little section where he stops and says, ‘Sir, we found it,’ and I was like, ‘Oh, that’s the scene!’ Let’s move soon into the production of Thor,“. And, so, with everything.

The best thing about Feige’s statement is this: “(The end) is before the credits, that’s how we see it. That’s the conclusion of the story we’re telling, and then if there’s a credits scene after that ends, it’s usually something that relates to the movie you just saw that’s extra. At the end of the credits, that’s what’s coming,” he says.

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