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Army of the Dead breaks viewer record in just a few days

Army of the Dead adds its success on Netflix with the one it had in theaters now that it was released. This made her break records in the production company.

Army of the Dead is the new production directed by Zack Snyder. It is anAmerican film that tells of an army of zombies suddenly attacking in Las Vegas. There, a group of mercenaries decides to enter the quarantine zone to commit the biggest assault and the biggest bet made in the history of the city.

From the moment the Army of the Dead trailer was released, expectations were high. And is that the success of Zack Snyder was in the eye of the hurricane and was undoubtedly a repetitive topic in the conversations of movie fans. It is enough to remember the pressure that his followers exerted on Warner Bros to be able to see the four-hour cut of Justice League , which had been significantly modified when the director had to withdraw from production.

Given that the American-born director has become an icon of superhero cinema, his sudden switch to zombie narratives and suspense surprised several people. However, it seems that the result of this change resulted in something positive, as the film broke viewer records in just a few days.

72 million households have watched Army of the Dead in its first four weeks, making it the ninth most-watched Netflix movie . The other films that surpass this tape are: Extraction , with 99 million, Bird Box , with 89 million, Spenser Confidential , with 85 million, Underground , with 83 million, Murder Mystery , with 83 million, The Old Guard , with 78 million. , Enola Holmes , with 76 million and Project Power , with 75 million.

To these figures is added the fact that Army of the Dead managed to be shown in cinemas on 600 screens, now that little by little they are reopening theaters in the world . And, although Netflix does not usually disclose details about the monetary income that the releases of its films in theaters represent, some specialized media outlets such as Deadline estimate that the film must have reached $ 800,000 or maybe a little more.

Due to this striking success (and perhaps unexpected, since many people did not trust Snyder for a film of this genre), Netflix has already approved the realization of a prequel starring Matthias Schweighöfer, in addition to the creation of an anime series that will be called Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas , which will focus on the character of Dave Bautista during the initial fall of Las Vegas. So if you are a fan of this movie, you should know that this is only the beginning of the story.

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