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Batman vs Iron Man: which hero has the most money?

Batman said it in Justice League, his super power is that he is rich, but is he the most millionaire in the comics?

When Flash meets Batman in Justice League (and we talk about the Snyder Ciut, because Whedon’s version no longer exists for us), the rookie asks the hero what his super power is, to which the Dark Knight answers what already we all knew: “I’m Rich.”

Batman is human, he does not have super strength, laser vision, the ability to fly or control the waters of the sea, but he is one of the most “bad ass” characters in the Justice League and in the DC universe , precisely because he must use his intelligence, creativity and resources to protect humanity and be on a level with the rest of his companions who came from other planets, were part of an accident experiment or have a little blood of the old gods running through their veins .

Bringing the worlds of Marvel and DC together, Batman has an equivalent character who is going through the same thing. Tony Stark may have a mechanical heart, but he’s still human and the only thing that protects him from villain attacks is his intellect, his money, and the suit he created to match many of the abilities of the rest of the Avengers.

Batman and Iron Man also have million-dollar companies and lives full of luxury, and fans inevitably wonder which of them can destroy the other in matters of money and impressive fortunes.

Who is richer, Batman or Iron Man?

The question is so popular, that a British bank decided to get to the bottom of the matter, doing a study to resolve, beyond a reasonable doubt, the dilemma that millions of comic book fans have tried to solve.

Tony Stark lacks nothing (ok yes, but we talk about materials and economic issues), has luxury watches, cars, a big house and a company that does everything, but, according to the bank Vanquis, Batman , or better said Bruce Wayne , is much richer (and we can clearly see the Batman of Ben Affleck , his Mercedes , his house facing the lake and gadgets).

“We have analyzed 24 of the most popular and well-known superheroes and we have calculated how much money they would earn from their daily work,” says the bank in its study.

How did they find the answer? The website calculated the salaries of 24 superheroes by taking the average salaries of the profession that they have and that appears in the list in the city where they are located (for example, Peter Parker is a freelance photographer in New York City and Tony Stark is entrepreneur in Los Angeles), while for characters found in imaginary cities (such as Metropolis or Gotham City ), they took the “average salary of the real world city on which the fictional location is based.”

With that in mind, they concluded that, as CEO of Gotham City- based Wayne Enterprises , Bruce Wayne makes about $ 1 million (1,042,031.98) annually, while Tony Stark has an annual income of $ 900,000. (969,434.45) as CEO of Los Angeles-based Stark Industries. Plus, Robert Pattinson’s Batman can add to your income as a detective. 

After Bruce and Tony, we have Oliver Queen, better known as Green Arrow, $ 942,133.25 as CEO of his family’s company, Queen Consolidated. And in the last places on the list are the heroes with normal jobs, Jefferson Pierce / Black Lightning who is a school principal, Sam Wilson / Falcon who is a worker, Deadpool who is a mercenary and does not have a fixed salary and finally Scott Lang / Ant-Man when he worked at an ice cream parlor.

Of course, the income of each hero, mainly CEOs, can change depending on the success or failures of their company, but for now, it is Batman who is in the lead (and Jeff Bezos far exceeds him with his earnings of 13 million per day) .

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