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Behind Her Eyes: the detail of the book that was left out of the series for being brutal

Netflix’s new British thriller is surprising with its crazy twists and turns, but there is another, even more extreme detail.

There are spoilers for the ending of Behind His Eyes here , so don’t read on if you haven’t finished it yet.

Behind Her Eyes is a psychological thriller in which nothing is what it seems. The story begins with a chance meeting in a bar that leads a woman to start a secret relationship with her married boss, and then things get a little more complicated when she befriends his wife and a series of strange revelations begin to emerge. the light.

Louise ( Simona Brown ) is convinced that her new boss and his wife are normal people who simply have problems in their relationship, so she convinces herself to have an extramarital affair, while being friends with the wife ( Eve Hewson ), it’s nothing to write home about until he discovers he messed with the wrong person.

From the beginning it is clear that David and Adele are hiding something (and this is why he does not leave her and she does not escape from a man who has her medicated), in addition, Louise has a series of strange lucid dreams that always turn into nightmares, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Little by little Louise begins to realize that the couple is not what they seem, that David has anger control problems and possibly violence and that Adele can be brutal when someone stands in his way, and this confirms this. when he meets Marianne ( Eva Birthistle ), who tells him that she was involved in the event that forced David and Adele to move in, after Adele found out (thanks to her supernatural abilities, because this is a very crazy thriller ) that Marianne she had advised David to leave her.

Marianne’s story is terrifying, but not as scary as it is described in the original novel.

In the last chapter of the series, the story shows us Marianne returning to her home, where she lives alone, and looking for her cat Charlie. The cat is nowhere to be found and Marianne discovers that someone broke into her house, broke her things, and wrote the word SLUT , in blood, on the bathroom wall, pointing out that Charlie might be dead.

Fortunately, the cat later appears walking, she takes him in her arms and eventually runs into an uncontrolled Adele who hints that this is just a warning and that he should stay away from her and her family.

In the book this is different. Sarah Pinborough writes that Adele (who we later find out is not really Adele, but a man named Rob) poisons the cat Charlie to knock him out, waits for Marianne to get home, and, right in front of her, uses the sharp tip of her heel to trample his head to death.

And it’s not the only animal murder Rob commits using Adele’s body in Behind Her Eyes . In the original story, Adele and David also have a pet cat and she uses it to manipulate Louise. Adele kills her cat and later tells her new “friend” that David killed him by breaking his spine by trampling him, and then buried him in the garden of the house.

Another detail that is not shown in the series is that Adele was pregnant when he changed bodies with her, so she decides to have an abortion because she did not want to have a child that belongs to Adele, and instead has plans. to have her own child with David, but that never happens.

And the book also explains that it is David who caused his own problems. He was older than Adele, and when she started suffering from night terrors, it is he who gives her the book that eventually helps her discover that she can leave her body and switch with other people while asleep.

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