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Berlin, from The paper house, and what we know about his series

The paper house is over, but his best character will be the protagonist of his first spin-off.

Berlin started out as the most hated person in La casa de papel, he was that villain who made Tokyo’s life miserable and who became sick with power as soon as the robbers arrived at the Mint, but he quickly became the favorite and , when he sacrificed himself to help the team escape, he ended up a hero.

Pedro Alonso‘s character was so popular that the creators of the series had to think of a strategy to keep him alive and as part of the story, so he was the first character to appear in flashbacks, almost as if he were the angel. Guardian of the Professor and his thieves.

Little by little we got to know more about the character, his story, and his reasons for being part of the robbery, and, in the first part of the final season, we were even able to meet his son (Rafael, who became a serious problem for the thieves in the final season) and that first moment when they found a way to connect with each other, through the “family business.”

Berlin is one of the fallen who lost their lives throughout the seasons of Money Heist and Netflix soon revealed that it will be the protagonist of the first spin off, which is named Berlin in honor of his character.

The trailer: 

The first teaser of the series simply reveals that we are going to see Berlin while he was planning a heist in Paris, without the help of The Professor and where, upon appearing, he meets a mysterious woman who becomes very important in his life. 

What is the Berlin spin-offBerlin about?

Shortly before the final season premiere of Money Heist, Netflix confirmed, during a Q&A event in Madrid, that Pedro Alonso will once again play Berlin in his own series. The spin-off could begin filming in 2021, with the intention of launching it in 2023.

According to reports, the series about Berlin will be a kind of origin story, where we will see the beginnings of the character, where he comes from and the first moments in which he discovered his great ability for crime and great robberies. The series could show more about his relationship with The Professor and with other characters like Palermo, who became one of his great friends.

“It is a memorable moment because it is the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. Today I was talking with Jesús Colmenar and we said that now we are walking towards the unknown, open to what happens and without expectations”, said Alonso.

“I know these people will give the show every possible twist and turn,” he added, referring to the writers. “Responsibility can be a burden and a prison, I hope we continue to have the courage to use this wonderful energy to risk it all again.”

On the other hand, it is not known if this spin off will be directly connected to the events of La casa de papel and that first plan that led them all to wear Dalí masks and red suits that later became symbols of the resistance, but the series will likely come to an end just as that plan begins to unfold.

Since before the premiere of season 5, there was already talk of the possibility of having a spin off of several of the characters. Berlin is the only one confirmed so far, but the presence of Miguel Ángel Silvestre and the flashbacks of Tokyo in the first part of the finale could be a sign that she could also have the opportunity to tell her own story and show more of her path, reasons and origin.

All the characters in the series have interesting stories to tell, so it wouldn’t be surprising that if the Berlin series is as successful as the original series, we have more and more projects branching out of this universe. For now we can only wait and see what happens in the future.

When does Berlin open?

For now, Netflix has only confirmed that we will see it in December of this year.

The cast:

Not much has been revealed about it, but we do know that Pedro Alonso appears as Berlin, Miko Jarry has Oliver’s character, Michelle Jenner is Keila, Julio Peña is Roi and Julien Paschal is Plignac, and it is expected that the series can show more of the character of Rafael, who appeared as the son of Berlin in La casa de papel.

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