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Black Widow: everything you need to know about the Marvel movie

The latest trailer has already been revealed and shows Avengers Easter Eggs, new characters and lots of action, but we will have to wait longer to see it. 

The premiere of Black Widow is near and Disney just revealed that it will be available in theaters and streaming at the same time. 

As you all know, Black Widow is the solo movie of S carlett Johansson’s character that takes place in those lost years after the events of Captain America: Civil War, and is not connected to the rest of the events of Phase 4. from the MCU (although it is already said that it will be the starting point to introduce the Yelena Belova, from Florence Pugh, as the new Black Widow).

Disney CEO Bob Ckapeck had said that: “We will make the call … probably at the last minute, in terms of how these movies hit the market, be it Black Widow or any other title. We have been incredibly successful in cinemas, so we think it’s important to build our franchises, but at the same time, we don’t think it’s the only way to do it. “

Now the premiere has already been confirmed and it is believed that it could affect the premiere of the rest of the Disney films that are released this year, including Marvel’s Snahg-Chi. 

What do we know about Black Widow?

After months of rumors, conspiracy theories and leaks, Marvel finally showed a first look at the film and, far from being an origin story, as previously thought, it is actually a reunion, a reunion between Natasha and her friends. Old companions ( Florence Pugh’s character went to the same spy “school” Nat was trained in) to fight a new enemy.

We can see a little of Natasha’s past, there is a small scene where you see a group of dancers that are a reference to those old KGB Russian spy training programs, but also a lot of action, fighting and hitting, with a Comedic touch from Stranger Things’ Hopper himself, who appears to be the “dad” of Natasha’s family’s team of heroines. It’s clear that this is a movie to celebrate Black Widow in all his glory and honor the sacrifice he made in Endgame.

In addition to that first action-packed trailer, Marvel also released a special teaser in which he let us see a little more of that mysterious masked villain that Natasha is going to face upon her return to her country.

The trailer asks who exactly is Taskmaster? Where do your skills come from? And what does he want with the runaway Avenger? At the moment, the questions are unanswered, although we know that Taskmaster has the ability to mimic the abilities of anyone he comes into contact with, but that is part of the mystery that Natasha is going to have to solve if she wants to survive.

What does the first trailer reveal?

Many of the scenes in the movie were shot in Budapest, which is a location that plays an important role in Black Widow’s story in the MCU.

Remember that in The Avengers, Black Widow and Hawkeye shared some jokes about how fighting the Chitauri reminded them of Budapest, and in Avengers: Endgame , the two shared a mission on the planet Vormir, and Hawkeye joked about how they were “very away from Budapest “. This could indicate that this was where the two characters first met, and that means there is a possibility of having a flashback showing that.

The Black Widow trailer also features Florence Pugh as another Yelena Belova and Rachel Weisz as another veteran KGB agent, both connected to Natasha’s past.

Is it the end of Black Widow?

It seems that way, but by now we already know that in Marvel nothing is permanent, not even death. For now it has been confirmed that Florence Pugh will take her place within the MCU in the future , but there are still ways in which Johansson could return, especially after what happened in WandaVision (with the resurrection of Vision).

What will happen in the movie?

The trailer shows us that Black Widow is on the run from someone, possibly the authorities after Captain America: Civil War , in which she became a fugitive after disobeying orders and allowing Captain America and the Winter Soldier (who already has its own series) will escape.

Marvel is said to have filmed these shots at the Macon terminal station , but it’s designed to look like Albany in New York . Also, we finally see Natasha rally her old team to fight a new masked villain.

The Black Widow trailer also confirms that William Hurt is back as General Thunderbolt Ross , but he appears in a younger version, which means he may have previously featured in Black Widow’s life and this is all about a flashback. Ross will likely be in charge of conducting the search for Natasha Romanoff today, as he is in charge of enforcing the Sokovia Accords.

When it premieres?

Black Widow is coming to Disney + on July 9 this year, Variety reports. According to the report, the movies will be released in theaters and streaming at the same time, in the same format as Raya and the Last Dragon and Mulan , which were available with Premier Access, so you will have to pay if you want to see it that same day. 

Before Black Widow, the platform will also be joined by the film Cruella with Emma Stone , which has a release date of May 28, and the film Luca will be released exclusively on the streaming platform without going through theaters. 

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