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Blonde is Netflix’s movie, and that’s because it tells a tough, brutal, and sometimes violent story.

Blonde could give Ana de Armas an Oscar nomination , and Netflix a big hit. 

The film is based on Joyce Carol Oates ‘ novel of the same name and, according to the synopsis, is a fictional chronicle of the life of one of the most legendary – and tragic – actresses in Hollywood history, the great Marilyn Monroe.

After years in development, the film began to take shape when Ana de Armas, from No Time to Die and Blade Runner 2024, was chosen to become the American actress, but it wasn’t long before the criticism began to rain down. first for selecting a Latina to play Monroe, and then because many considered that it could be another way to continue exploiting the memory of the actress.

But Blonde went ahead and became the most applauded film at the Venice Film Festival (he was applauded standing for 14 minutes), which generates even more expectations and makes the protagonist a possible candidate for an Oscar.

This is the story of Marilyn , but also of the men and women who were an important part of her life and her career.

Netflix’s Blonde: The Actors and Characters Explained

Ana de Armas is Marilyn Monroe

Other movies: Knives Out, No Time to Die, Blade Runner 2029

The Cuban-born actress brings to life Marilyn Monroe, the BAFTA-nominated actress who appeared in movies like Some Like it Hot and The Seven Year Itch . Ana de Armas once said that she went to the actress’s grave to ask permission to interpret her, and much has been said about the great resemblance they share with her.

According to reports, the film shows the duality of the actress, her struggle with mental health, her image as a sex symbol and some of the most important relationships she had throughout her life. Part of the controversy of the film comes from an alleged scene in which a sexual attack is shown, in addition to the fact that it has nude scenes.

Julianne Nicholson is Gladys

Other movies: I, Tonya, Mare of Easttown, The Outsider

The actress who appeared alongside Kate Winslet in Mare of Easttown is credited as Gladys, which refers to Gladys Pearl Baker, who was the mother of Marilyn Monroe, born Norma Jean Baker.

Supposedly, Gladys abandoned her daughter in an orphanage and this had a profound impact on her life and her relationships, leading her to surround herself with people who exploited that vulnerability to profit from her.

Sara Paxton is Miss Flynn

Other movies: The Last House on the Left

Paxton does not play a famous actress or Hollywood producer, her role is that of a friend of Marilyn’s mother, who supposedly gave her voice lessons when she was a child and became one of the few close and trusted figures. that he had during his childhood.

Bobby Cannavale is The Ex-Athlete

Other movies: Ant-Man, Blue Jasmine, Parker

Cannavale plays one of Marilyn Monroe’s husbands, appears as The Ex-Athlet and has been confirmed to be baseball player Joe DiMaggio.

The relationship allegedly ended due to jealousy, less than a year after it began, but it was the most stable in the actress’s life and, according to some stories, it was he who rescued her after she was admitted to a psychiatric hospital. Against his will.

Adrien Brody is The Playwright

Other movies: The Pianist, Succession, The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Oscar-nominated actor brings to life one of the most powerful men in Hollywood and one of Monroe’s husbands, Arthur Miller.

Miller was a screenwriter who became the third husband of the actress and led her to convert to Judaism, but the relationship was not good and they divorced after a few years. The two worked together on The Misfits , which was the actress’s last film, where she allegedly watched her ex-husband start a relationship with another woman.

Caspar Phillipson is The President

Other movies: Jackie, Mission-Impossible: Fallout

The President refers to none other than one of the most controversial figures in Monroe’s life, President John F. Kennedy , with whom he allegedly had a not-so-secret relationship while already married to Jackie.

Apparently, one of the most violent scenes in the film involves these two characters, whose relationship also gave rise to many conspiracy theories connected to the death of the actress.

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