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Britney Spears: Judge denies the singer’s request to withdraw her father’s guardianship

Decision is related to a request from months ago, not a response to recent Britney testimony

Judge Brenda Penny denied, in documents filed yesterday (30), the request of Britney Spears’ lawyers for the pop star’s father, Jamie Spears, to be removed as administrator of her financial guardianship. The information is from Variety.

Yesterday’s decision is a response to requests made officially by Britney’s legal team in November 2020 – so they don’t take into account the singer’s recent testimony in a court in Los Angeles (USA), where she asked that the guardianship end, so that “he could regain control of his life.”

In documents filed yesterday, Judge Penny reaffirmed that, in her opinion, Britney is “substantially incapable of managing her own assets, and of resisting undue influence and fraud.”

In her testimony last week, the pop star accused her father of trying to control every aspect of her life, including whether she could have a child or get married. “I truly believe this guardianship is abusive,” he said.

“I have an IUD [Intrauterine Device] inside me, but they won’t let me go to the doctor to have it removed because they don’t want me to have any more children. This guardianship is doing me much more harm than good,” she continued. , as reported by CNN.

The financial guardianship in question was established in 2008, after Britney’s admission to a rehabilitation clinic due to the psychological problems faced by the singer. The documentary Framing Britney Spears, available in Brazil on Globoplay, gives a detailed portrait of the situation.

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