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ChatGPT already has a rival from Google: Bard

Google has entered the battle and it is with a chatbot called Bard, which will first be put to the test before being available to everyone.

It seems that the reports that Google was concerned about the popularity and effectiveness of ChatGPT were quite true since the company has decided to announce the launch of a system that will directly compete with the creation of OpenAi. This will be a similar chatbot called Bard, and while it is expected to be globally available soon, it is being tested by a limited group of people first. 

We recently talked about Google’s concerns with ChatGPT. The company was reportedly concerned about what the artificial intelligence system could achieve, and one former employee even dared to mention that it could wipe out Google’s search engine and its profits in a few years. With this, Google stepped up the accelerator on the subject of artificial intelligence, and even Larry Page and Sergey Brin – founders who had held a distant position – approached the company to advise on its future. 

And although some of the reports mentioned that there were concerns about whether it was too early to introduce its own AI technologies, it seems that these have dissipated with the arrival of Bard, although it remains to be seen if it is as impressive as ChatGPT .

Google prepares for the race. 

Bard vs. ChatGPT

Sundar Pichai , the company’s CEO, announced the project via a blog post, describing Bard as an “experimental conversational AI service” that will answer users’ questions and start conversations with them. The first to be able to use it will be those described as “trustworthy testers”, and it is expected to be made generally available in the coming weeks. 

The Google leader wrote: “Bard can be an outlet for creativity and a foundation for curiosity, helping you explain new discoveries from NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope to a 9-year-old, or learn more about the top scorers of soccer right now, and then have training sessions to build your skills.” He also noted that the system pulls information from the web to provide fast, high-quality responses.

One of the points where Bard would differ from ChatGPT, is that it is claimed that Bard can talk about recent events, which the OpenAI creation cannot do as well , however, we will have to wait and see if this is true. Google may find a way to feed artificial intelligence to its search engine, allowing it to learn more quickly about recent events. 

Bard has a long road ahead of it and according to Pichai its development will require external feedback and internal testing to make sure the technology is fine-tuned and can deliver high-quality answers that are secure and real and accurate. However, it is expected to make mistakes, similar to what happens with OpenAI , but this will be just the beginning and Google may have arrived at a good point in the race, we just need to all test Bard to confirm it. 

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