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Chris Hemsworth Congratulates Chris Evans With This Taunt On Instagram (And From The Set Of ‘Thor 4’)

In a hiatus from ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’, the God of Thunder has had time to send a happy birthday to his partner … along with Chris Pratt.

The Chris mess is back on the occasion of Chris Evans’ birthday. The actor known for giving life to Captain America turns 40 this Sunday, and his partner from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (UCM), Chris Hemsworth, has wanted to congratulate him via Instagram from the filming set of ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’. But the image he has published to do so has a funny little pull built-in, thanks to the appearance of Chris Pratt.

” Happy 40th birthday Chris Evans, you will always be number 1 on my list, “ writes the actor who plays the God of Thunder, a message loaded with sarcasm. But with love.

The good relations between the actors of the UCM have been demonstrated on more than one occasion, and now we are checking it again. And so in passing, we take a brief look at Hemsworth and Pratt’s costumes in ‘Thor 4’ , where Thor will join the Guardians of the Galaxy for a hilarious adventure. Taika Waititi is directing (who has already been in charge of ‘Thor: Ragnarok’) and the filming is taking place in Australia, home of the protagonist, along with a cast consisting of stars such as Natalie Portman (who reprises her role as Jane Foster, and now with new powers), Christian Bale (who will play the villain, Gorr) and Tessa Thompson (again, Valkyrie). Also joined by great actors such asRussell Crowe , Melissa McCarthy and Matt Damon , as well as Waititi reprising his role (special effects via) as Korg.

Since their paths crossed in ‘Avengers: Infinity War’, Chris Pratt and Chris Hemsworth have formed a good duo as Star-Lord and Thor in the Marvel superhero universe. What do you have in store for us for your next adventure? Is Chris Evans jealous?

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