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Dahmer | Ryan Murphy says he tried to contact victims’ families

Relatives called the series “retraumatizing”

Ryan Murphy has broken his silence on the criticism Dahmer has received from family members of the serial killer’s victims. At an event in Los Angeles, the producer claimed to have tried to contact them during the writing process for the series, but got no response (via Variety).

“Over the course of three, three and a half years, when we were actually writing and working [on the series], we tried to get in touch with about 20 of the victims’ families and friends, trying to get their opinions and talk to people, and no one told us. replied. So we really trust our group of amazing researchers that… I don’t even know how they found so many things. But it was a daily effort to discover the truth of these people.”

According to Netflix, the series created by Ryan Murphy (American Horror Story) “analyzes the terrible crimes committed by Jeffrey Dahmer and the systemic problems that allowed one of the biggest serial killers in the United States to continue acting with total impunity over more than one of each.”

In addition to Evan Peters as the killer, the cast also includes Richard Jenkins (Six Feet Under) and Penelope Ann Miller (American Crime), who play Dahmer’s father and mother respectively.

Murphy is co-creator of the project alongside Ian Brennan, with whom he has worked on Ratched, Hollywood and The Politician. The series is now available on Netflix.

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