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Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you: why watch the Eiza González film that everyone talks about

Rosamund Pike is the villain you’re going to love to hate in this black comedy that’s breaking her on Netflix.

“My name is Marla Grayson and I am a lioness,” says Rosamund Pike at the beginning of Neglect, I care for you , the Netflix movie that went viral and has been described as “deliciously disgusting.”

Descuida, yo te cuido (or I Care A Lot) is the work of J Blakeson (director of the Gunpowder series on HBO), who recruited Rosamund Pike (Gone Girl), Eiza González (Baby Driver), Peter Dinklage (Game of Thrones) and Dianne Wiest (Edward Scissorhands) to tell a story about capitalism, abuse and fraud.

Pike gives life to Marla Grayson , a professional legal guardian who is chosen by the court (with a series of manipulations) to take care of a woman named Jennifer Peterson , who, with the help of a doctor, makes her look like a woman she is not capable of taking care of herself. Thinking that poor and lonely Jen has no one to care about her, Marla decides to lock her up in a nursing home and start taking an inventory of all her things in order to sell them to earn a few thousand dollars in an unhealthy way. very legal.

The problem is that Jennifer Peterson is different, to begin with, she has a bag with millions of dollars in diamonds in a safe in the bank, she is not as alone as she seemed and Marla is in the center of a storm that she could not get out alive.

But Marla Grayson made it clear to us that she is a lioness and that she does not like to lose, so she decides to face her problems and try to win the game to get out of her situation with many extra millions, although for that she first has to defeat Peterson’s son. ( Dinklage ), who turns out to be a brutal Russian criminal who has been missing for years.

Why watch Neglect, I take care of you on Netflix:

A perfect villain

Marla Grayson is cruel, brutal and unscrupulous, she is a horrible human being and in real life you would love to see her lose and be taken to the worst possible prison for taking advantage of a group of defenseless old men, but Marla is played by Rosamund Pike and not you can avoid loving her.

Our villain found a way to beat the system, to take advantage of others and continue to appear to be a perfect woman who only has the interests of the most needy in mind, she is also ambitious and stubborn, and that is what makes her a kind of heroine when she faces the violent criminals who go after her for having messed with the wrong woman.

Pike had already shown us in Gone Girl that being the villain comes out very well, I Care A Lot is a continuation of that and it is she, along with the two other women in the story, who becomes the reason for the success of the film. At first glance, Marla seems to be a great person, attractive, intelligent, with a stable relationship and concerned about others, but deep down she is rotten and this is why her character works.

Reality disguised as fiction

Is Marla Grayson a real person? Fortunately there is no real Marla out there waiting to rip off more elders, but her story is based on reality.

Director J Blakeson said the idea came to him after hearing news about some guardians using the same legal system to steal and scam the people in their care, and it’s more common than we want to believe. Blakeson said that “in Marla’s approach, a lot of things happen unfortunately. It is true in the fact that there are many of these predatory guardians who watch over vulnerable and elderly people, and somehow trap them in these guardianship and basically tear their life apart. The true stories of her life are really heartbreaking and gruesome, so unfortunately, yes, it happens. “

Blakeson further revealed that he did not tell the story from a victim’s perspective because that would be “unbearably horrible.”

Two words: Eiza González

The Mexican had already shown her talent in Baby Driver and here she ends up shining together with three heavyweights of the performance (Pike, Dinklage and Wiest). Like Fran, González gives a balance and more humanity to the story, she is a strong woman who is willing to follow the woman she loves and who is not afraid of a few blows when she knows that there is a plan that can work.

It is clear that Eiza González’s cart is going to go very far, and films like I Care A Lot allow her to break stereotypes, avoid being the Latina who speaks with a heavy accent or being reduced to the stereotype of the ultra sexy woman (although she is ) and noisy, but it keeps you thinking about her even when she’s not on the scene.

Great supporting characters

We must also talk about the character of Dianne Wiest , who is the true heroine of the story. Like Jennifer, Wiest has a ghoulish mood, she knows her situation isn’t going to stay like this for long and enjoys psychologically torturing Marla, even if it means things are going to get worse for a while.

Jennifer Peterson is a warrior, she is bright, funny and deep down she is also somewhat cruel and ruthless, so she is the perfect match for Marla Grayson , who gets a spoonful of her own medicine with her new victim.

And it’s not just Wiest, Peter Dinklage’s henchmen give the story a nice touch of comedy and end up making this story, which is actually terrible (because there’s nothing worse than taking advantage of helpless old men), we find it so funny. .

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