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Elizabeth Olsen Movies That Are Crazier Than WandaVision

Olsen was in a cult, experienced supernatural events, and survived a stalker, in her movies.

Elizabeth Olsen was, at least for a time, the least known of the Olsen, her sisters Mary Kate and Ashley were childhood icons of the 90s and it seemed that they were going to have long careers in the cinema, but one day things changed, their sisters became fashion designers and she showed that she was serious about acting.

Now we can see Elizabeth Olsen in one of the most interesting Marvel series (yes, we are talking about WandaVision ), as one of the most powerful characters in the MCU and the key to start traveling through the multiverses, but the actress is a lot more than just Wanda Maximoff and has many other great movies that have nothing to do with Ultron, Doctor Strange, or the rest of the Avengers.

Marvel certainly made her one of the most recognizable actresses of the moment, but she had already shown her talent in independent films, horror films and even period dramas with unexpected twists, and some of those films are better than her work in the MCU. (And what he does with Marvel is impressive, so that should give you an idea of ​​what to expect in the rest of his films.)

Before becoming the actress we know and love today, Elizabeth appeared as an extra in several of her sisters’ projects, then went to acting classes and eventually got bigger and bigger projects (and there is nothing bigger or more successful. at the box office than Avengers: Endgame ), so sticking with just WandaVision doesn’t make sense.

Elizabeth Olsen in 7 movies:

Martha Marcy May Marlene

Directed by Sean Durkin , this 2011 film shows how cults can get inside the minds of their followers and continue to control them even if they manage to escape. Olsen plays Martha a woman who, after a few years away from her family, contacts her sister ( Sarah Paulson ) and asks her to pick her up at a place near the road. Martha is clearly going through something complicated and little by little it is revealed that she was part of a cult in which a controlling leader dominated every aspect of the lives of its members, committing abuses under the pretext that it was the will of God.

Ingrid Goes West

Olsen makes a great dumbbell with Aubrey Plaza in this Matt Spicer movie. The story follows an obsessed woman (Plaza) who moves to Los Angeles to harass and infiltrate the life of an influencer who seems to have the perfect life. Ingrid quickly manages to befriend the woman who haunts her, but the relationship quickly turns into a nightmare. (If you saw Single White Female, then this movie is going to appeal to you.)


This is a remake of the iconic Chan-wook Park movie. Oldboy follows a man ( Josh Brolin ) who wakes up in a strange room not knowing how or why he got there. The man spends years locked in that room in which a strange character feeds him, but one day he manages to escape and decides to do everything possible to find his kidnapper and get revenge, but things change when he meets a woman (Olsen) who it is connected to him and his case in more ways than you can imagine.

Kill your darlings

John Krokidas directed this 2013 film about a murder that happened in 1944 and brings together the great poets of the beat generation: Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac and William Burroughs . Olsen does a great job as Naomi Ginsberg, the partner of the man who was Allen Ginsberg’s father.

Wind river

Taylor Sheridan directs this mystery drama in which a veteran hunter ( Jeremy Renner ) must help an FBI agent (Olsen) investigate the death of a young woman on a Native American reservation in Wyoming. The land is covered by snow, the weather is extreme and everything indicates that the death of the woman was not an accident.

In Secret

Olsen, Tom Felton and Jessica Lange star in this Charlie Stratton drama . Thérèse grows up with her aunt and her cousin who is always weak and ill. A few years later, the aunt decides that they will move to Paris and that her son and Thérèse will get married, but that is not the life that Thérèse had in mind and she quickly feels hopeless and boring, but that changes when a friend of her husband arrives. Back home, he and Thérèse start a forbidden relationship and soon start looking for a way to be together, and it’s not good news for her husband.

Red lights

Rodrigo Cortés is the director of this film in which Sigourney Weaver, Robert De Niro and Cillian Murphy also appear . The story follows psychologist Margaret Matheson and her assistant, who are dedicated to studying phenomena of paranormal activity. Experts stumble upon the case of a supposed psychic who comes to light again after one of his greatest critics died mysteriously.

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