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Enola Holmes 2: this is the new case that will solve in the sequel

It is clear that Enola Holmes could have more movies on Netflix and, according to the books, this could be the story of the sequel.

There are spoilers for the Enola Holmes movie here , so read at your own risk.

Enola Holmes maybe it doesn’t exist in the canon of Sherlock Holmes, but she is a great character and her first movie on Netflix is already a success, which suggests that this is not the last time we see Millie Bobby Brown as the exceptional little sister of Sherlock Holmes, who even surpasses her famous brother.

In the first movie, Enola Holmes must crack the case of her mother’s disappearance and escape a school of manners (created to destroy any signs of rebellion and personality in girls, and make them the perfect wives), leading her to uncover a conspiracy to murder a young lord who could change the future of England forever.

In her first case / film, Enola Holmes must follow in her mother’s footsteps, leading her to discover a women’s movement similar to suffragettes, but, her investigation is interrupted by Lord Tewksebury , who is also trying to escape from the life they want to impose, and by the man who was hired to end it.

Enola was raised to observe, deduce, investigate, think outside the box, and fight, so she uses all her skills to solve two cases at once, all while her brothers try to find her. Finally, the youngest of the Holmes family manages to save her new friend and convince Sherlock Holmes to become his tutor, but the story does not have a total closure, it is still necessary to discover Eudora’s plans and why he had to abandon his daughter.

What happened in the first movie?

The first film began when Enola Holmes discovered that her mother had disappeared, so her brothers decide to return home to inform her that she will be sent to a boarding school where they will take away the “wild” and teach her to be an elegant and sophisticated woman.

Enola clearly had other plans, so she escapes from that place and begins to investigate her mother’s case following a series of clues that lead her to discover two things: the first is that Mrs. Holmes was part of a group of women fighting for a good cause, and the second that someone was behind a conspiracy to assassinate a young lord that could change the history of the country.

The second case was solved, but the Holmes’ mother is not over (she is involved with the Suffrage movement ) and Enola is determined to find answers, plus we see her forming her own detective agency at the end of the film. .

Will Enola Holmes have a sequel?

After months of the original premiere, Netflix finally confirmed that there will be a sequel and, although they haven’t said too much, the books re

Who are coming back?

For now, it is known that Henry Cavill will be back as Sherlock Holmes and that Millie Bobby Brown will be Enola again, but it is unknown if Sam Clalfin will be Mycroft again or if Louis Partridge will return as Tewkesbury.

What is clear is that, as it is a new case, we are surely going to see some new faces.

When it premieres?

Production on the film is said to begin in late 2021, so we can expect to see it sometime in 2022 , although there is no exact date yet.

What will the Enola Holmes sequel be about?

At the end of the first film, Sherlock and Mycroft fail to find Enola , so a sequel could feature a reunion between the brothers, on the other hand, the plans of Eudora and the suffragettes have not yet concluded and it is clear that this “Lady detective ”has every intention of continuing to solve the most complicated cases in London.

What case could follow? The Enola Holmes story , created by Nancy Springer, has several books and the second novel in the series is called The Case of the Left-Handed Lady , which is the one most likely to become Millie Bobby Brown’s second film . Then there are The Case of the Strange Bouquets of Flowers, The Case of the Pink Fan and The Case of the Pictogram, all in chronological order, touching on the subject of the suffragettes’ struggle for the right to vote in Victorian England.

The case of the left-handed lady could become the second film for several reasons, first, it is the book that follows in the order of the story, second, this is the case in which the world of Enola Holmes introduces us to Watson, the famous companion of Sherlock Holmes, and finally this is the novel in which Enola is already established in London and works as a detective under the name Ivy Meshle, working under the famous doctor Ragostin (which we say is a pseudonym that Enola uses to take her seriously and hire her to do research).

In this second story, Enola must use all her powers of deduction and investigation to find Lady Cecily , a peculiar teenager who seems to have run away from home, but could actually be the victim of a conspiracy.

We know that Enola will have a new case and that she will continue to avoid her brothers, who want to take her back to boarding school, and the description in the book reads as follows: “Enola Holmes is being hunted by the most famous detective in the world: her own brother, Sherlock Holmes. But while on the run in the biggest, darkest, dirtiest city in the world, he discovers a hidden cache of charcoal drawings and feels like he’s the soul mate of the girl who drew them. But that girl, Lady Cecily, has disappeared without a trace. Braving the streets of midnight, Enola must unravel the clues to find this left-handed lady, but to save her, Enola risks revealing more than she should. Will he be able to keep his identity a secret and find Lady Cecily, or will the only thing he’s trying to save, his freedom, be lost forever? “

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