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Falcon and the Winter Soldier | Everything about the trailer released during the Super Bowl

Action, humor and returns from Marvel Universe characters.

Hawk and Winter Soldier had an unpublished trailer released during the Super Bowl. The preview shows what to expect from the action scenes, the humor, and the faces of the MCU that will return on the Disney + series. See what we learned from the new trailer below!

The Super Bowl is the final of the NFL football championship, in which studios traditionally reveal some of the most anticipated commercials and movie trailers of the year.


Although Sam Wilson ( Anthony Mackie ) and Bucky Barnes ( Sebastian Stan ) have already developed a partnership throughout the Marvel films , Captain America’s ( Chris Evans ) departure will bring back some of the sparks between the two. Soon the first scene of the trailer already shows the pair being interrogated, especially about how well each one irritates the other.


The great villain of the season will again be Baron Zemo, played by Daniel Bruhl in Captain America: Civil War (2016). Here, in addition to showing some of his iconic purple mask, the antagonist also reveals his mission: to annihilate the superheroes.


Previous previews avoided showing Sam Wilson with the Captain America shield, which was given to him at the end of Avengers: Endgame by Steve Rogers himself. The new trailer not only shows the Falcon finally equipped with the shield (even if briefly), but also passing it on to Bucky Barnes. The scene is fast, but it helps to remember that, as in the comics, the “dispute” for who will assume the mantle of the legendary hero must also be present in the series.


The highlight of the preview was the return of Sharon Carter ( Emily VanCamp ), Peggy Carter’s granddaughter ( Hayley Atwell ) shown in Captain America 2: Winter Soldier (2014). While his name had already been confirmed in the cast, this was his first official appearance. Better yet: the agent is back, intimidating the main duo, and kicking asses in a fucking scene.


As much as all the previous focus on the action, it is good to remember that Falcão and the Winter Soldier will also be in a good mood, especially since the main duo is constantly pecking. This is due to the greater influence of the project: Deadly Machine , Shane Black classics in which Mel Gibson and Danny Glover star as opposing police officers forced to come together. As the final moments of the trailer demonstrate, don’t be surprised if things occasionally get a little silly.

Hawk and the Winter Soldier hits the Disney + catalog on March 19 .

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