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Falcon and the Winter Soldier: who is US Agent and his history as a villain

The first chapter of the Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes series already gave us a first look at US Agent, but is that a good thing?

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier arrived to show us what happened to Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson after Steve Rogers retired as Captain America and will hand over his shield to his fellow Avengers battles, Falcon.

The series takes place a few months after all the Blip’s missing have returned and Falcon and Winter Soldier are grappling with all sorts of human and real issues in the midst of their new normal. The first chapter lets us see that the rules are stricter for superheroes (Falcon, for example, cannot cross borders or to pursue terrorists) and that the government wants someone they can trust to become the new leader. and protector of humanity (aka someone they can control).

Right at the end of the chapter, you can see a press conference in which the new Captain America is announced , and it is not about Sam Wilson or Bucky Barnes (which is understandable because he is suffering from nightmares and is not at the best point to be the new face of heroes). The chosen one was none other than John Walker (played by Wyatt Russell), who is better known as US Agent.

We barely get a glimpse of the new character at the start of Falcon and the Winter Soldier, but from the comics we know some important details about him, including his history as a villain in the Marvel world.

Who is US Agent? Is it friend or foe?

The first thing you should know is that John Walker lost his older brother, a soldier who was killed in action, and that led him to seek to honor his legacy and follow in his footsteps to become a hero in his country.

The problem is that, to do so, Walker turned to a villain named Power Broker and ended up turned himself into another villain named Super-Patriot, who had a few run-ins with Captain America throughout his history. The good news is, those encounters made Walker realize he wasn’t on the right side of the fight, and he ultimately tried to change.

When the government called on Walker to take the place of Captain America , he did everything he could to honor Steve Rogers’ legacy and become worthy of his shield, but it put enormous pressure on him that almost drove him crazy.

In the comics, Steve returns to regain his Captain America title, and that is what prompts Walker to change his name and become the US Agent , as an ally of the Avengers.

The origin of US Agent

The character was born for an important reason. By the mid-80s, Captain America had already faced a few classic villains, such as Helmut Zemo, HYDRA, Red Skull , etc …, and fans were already starting to get bored of the same old adventures, so the writer Mark Gruenwald created the twist that was called ” The Captain, ” which appeared in issues of Captain America # 332-350 and explored the contrast between the political reality of the moment and the ideals of Steve Rogers.

As part of that story, Gruenwald decided to create another character he named John Walker, who made his debut in 1986 as a patriotic vigilante who did not have the same moral compass as Cap and who was much more extreme with his methods.

Walker is chosen to be Captain America after Rogers decides to resign, but all of that ends up being too much for Walker, and the situation worsens when his identity is revealed and it leads to the murder of his parents.

Walker’s path as Cap ends when the Red Skull Orchestra tries to provoke a confrontation between Walker and Steve Rogers, who at the time uses the name El Capitan, but they end up teaming up to defeat him and Steve eventually returns as Captain America, allowing Walker. Take on a new identity as the US Agent and become part of the West Coast Avengers.

Does this mean that Steve Rogers could come back? Kevin Feige already said that this is not going to happen (although this is Marvel and nothing is impossible), so instead, we could see Walker as a point for Falcon, Bucky or another character to take Cap’s place in the future.

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