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Fatma: The Best Netflix Series Is Turkish, Murder And No One Is Watching It

There are many great Netflix series that you surely haven’t discovered yet, Fatma is one of them.

Fatma is the latest Turkish production to hit Netflix , and it could be the best series, the best thriller, which has been released so far in 2021.

Created by Ozgur Onurm and starring actress Buruc BiricikFatma is a murder mystery crime drama that follows a desperate woman who is searching for her missing husband, in a context where, without a man for backing, women cannot get ID, pay your electricity bill, or be taken seriously.

The 6-part Netflix miniseries focuses on the character of Fatma, a housewife who seems to have been abandoned by her husband, leading her to discover her own power and what she is willing to do to get the answers. she needs, a series of family tragedies that leave her vulnerable and invisible.

An unexpected killer

This is a series about murders, but it is different from all the ones we saw before. The Fatma of Biricik is one (or maybe something darker) woman full of pain, guilt, loneliness, despair, and inner strength that is growing slowly.

At first, Fatma is an invisible woman, ignored by everyone and treated as if it does not matter, the disappearance of her husband leaves her even more vulnerable and unprotected and, not getting help from the authorities, decides to take action on the matter and carry out her own investigation, which eventually leads her to commit a violent act, a murder, that changes her life forever and tests her limits.

The story begins with an interrogation that confirms that Fatma got into serious trouble, and then moves back to show us her life, her problems and that key moment that pushed her to the limit and led her to become a murderer.

What we do when we are desperate

Fatma’s life has been determined by the men around her and who have not always treated her well, we see her working for one who does not take her seriously because she is a woman and dedicates herself to cleaning other people’s homes, serving a family that barely and notices her presence and doing all kinds of jobs in which she can move from one place to another without someone noticing.

But not only that, it is clear that Fatma has suffered abuse and has lost a lot, so the situation with her husband is even more desperate for her, and that is, in part, what makes her explode, and at that point no longer you can avoid wanting to see her succeed for once in her life, even when she’s not making the best decisions.

What happened to Zafer (Fatma’s husband)? What happened to your son? What happened to Ismail (the neighbor who does not stop knocking on her door when he thinks she is alone? There are many questions in Fatma’s life, many problems and many reasons for wanting to take justice into her hands, and each chapter will help us showing a little more of his process, showing that, when life gets difficult, instinct is what helps us survive.

Fatma is not John Wick , she is not the Killing Eve assassin who enjoys killing others, but realizes that killing is the only thing she can do to survive and discover the truth, and that makes her journey and her arc complex and interesting.

Mafias, manipulation, abuse, violence, poverty, sexism and fear , the Turkish series has a bit of everything, and it is through Fatma that we can give it meaning, a face and finish understanding that there are those who are forced to act in a certain way. form in the situations they face.

Her first murder is a way of protecting and defending herself, but that changes quickly and the story becomes that of an invisible murderer who takes advantage of her “insignificance” to do what she thinks she has to do.

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