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Freaky Friday | Lindsay Lohan Says She’s Open to Possible Sequel

The actress revealed that Jamie Lee Curtis reached out to talk about a sequel

A month after Jamie Lee Curtis said he’s open to a sequel to Freaky Friday, Lindsay Lohan, who co-starred with the scream queen in the 2003 film, said in an interview with the Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon that she would also love to do a sequel. and who even received a message from her colleague proposing the new feature. “I was on set filming [A Christmas Crush] when Jamie Lee Curtis wrote to me, and I was immediately excited and distracted,” said the actress, who said she loved Curtis’ idea for the sequel. “I read ‘Freaky Friday 2’ and got even more excited” – check it out above, starting at 3:07.

Released in 2003, Freaky Friday tells the story of bossy mother Tess (Curtis) and rebellious teenage daughter Anna (Lohan), who live in conflict over differences. Determined to end the fights, they suddenly switch bodies. They then need to learn to deal with each other’s lives, with the confusion growing even more due to the fact that Tess is scheduled to marry.

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