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Friends | James Michael Tyler, The Gunther, Reveals He Fights Cancer

Actor was diagnosed late in 2018

Actor James Michael Tyler, best known for having played Gunther in Friends, revealed this Monday (21) that he has been fighting cancer for years. During his appearance on the Today morning show, he said that in September 2018 he was diagnosed with advanced-stage prostate cancer. The discovery was late and the disease had spread to her bones. Today, he can no longer walk.

Tyler, who attended the Friends casting meeting, said he decided to share the diagnosis after the special’s release so as not to break the celebratory atmosphere of the occasion. “I didn’t want it to be something like ‘by the way, Gunther has cancer.’ But, according to the actor, the cast and producers already knew about his health.

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“My goal last year was to celebrate my 59th birthday. I did that. Now my goal is to help save at least one life,” said the actor. In that spirit, he warned viewers to also pay attention to prostate exams when they get a check up. “Could have found out sooner.”

In addition to Friends, the 59-year-old actor has in his curriculum appearances in series like Scrubs, Sabrina, the Sorceress’s Apprentice and Episodes. He recently starred in the shorts Processing and The Gesture and The Word.

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