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Friends: The Reunion turns Matt LeBlanc into an uncle’s meme in Ireland; Look

The star’s natural appearance and relaxed demeanor reminded Irish fans of family members

Of all the many reactions that the Friends reunion special on HBO Max provoked around the world, the most unexpected must have come from Ireland. According to a THR report, Irish fans who attended the event were surprised by the similarities between Matt LeBlanc’s spontaneous and carefree style and that of family members, and started sharing memes on Twitter in which the actor is portrayed as a typical uncle or father of a family. Irish – see below:

“Well didn’t I tell you? I told you, didn’t I? I told you f*ck.”

“Matt LeBlanc is your uncle when your parents force you, at the age of six, to stand in front of adults after the family dinner and sing a song you learned in elementary school.”

“The money changer you need to turn to to get all of Ireland’s game tickets.”

Irish comedian Dara Ó Briain took advantage of the blue bird’s own social network to try to contextualize what was happening to the rest of the world: “You should know that, for the last 24 hours, Irish Twitter has been obsessed with how much Matt LeBlanc looks like his uncle /everyone’s nephew”. He even added a thread to the tweet, which leads directly to more memes.

The Friends meeting will be available in full and with subtitles on Warner’s new streaming service, HBO Max, as of its launch in Brazil on June 29th. It is important to remember that the special is not about a new episode of the series, but a reunion between actors to remember the most important moments of the production.

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