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From John Wick to Fury: the movie haircuts you’ll want to have

Do you need a haircut? Let the characters from your favorite movies become your inspiration.

There are some haircuts that never go out of style, that came into the world at a key moment and that are so good that it is inevitable that men will ask the barber again and again. Some of these cuts arise thanks to urban tribes (such as the Liberty Peaks of the Punks), others during social movements (such as the long hair of the Hippies) and still others come to mark history thanks to the fact that the best actors used them in his most iconic films.

Elvis Presley , for example, made the Pompadour cut famous with movies like Jailhouse Rock, Robert De Niro did the same for the Mohawk with Taxi Driver, and Johnny Depp popularized gel hairstyles in Cry Baby . Sure, many of the movie cuts work only for the characters who wear them (like Edward Scissorhands’ messy style or Rambo’s mullet), but there are others that are more subtle, timeless, and flattering, and those are the ones that count. worth imitating every time you search for a new look.

The haircuts and hairstyles men have evolved dramatically over the years, some are now of repentance and other classics that will always work and that is why they are often trending again every so often (though not is that they stop being at some point).

The cinema can inspire us for many things, try a new style, try a new hobby, travel or conquer that impossible woman, and among all that we copy from the best characters there must also be room to steal their haircut , the key is in finding the one that really works for your face shape and hair type

The haircuts of the cinema that do not go out of style and you will want to wear now:

Keanu Reeves’ John Wick

The character of Keanu Reeves taught us how the black suit is worn today and the importance of taking each garment to the tailor, but not only that. John Wick also has a great haircut that works at any age, it is a long, straight and slightly tousled style that can be casual or sophisticated and looks more masculine when paired with a well-groomed beard.

The one with Brad Pitt in Fury

Shaved from the sides and with a back pompadour that is longer. Brad Pitt’s cut in Fury is inspired by the military and can be tailored to suit your hair type and personal style. You can go for the drastic style with an extreme side shave, or leave the sides a bit longer for a more subtle, easy-care look.

The one with Timothée Chalamet in Call Me By Your Name

Sure, you must have wavy hair for this look to work, but the Chalamet cut in CMBYN is a staple for those who prefer a more relaxed style.It’s long enough to have movement, but not too long for hair fall into the eyes and do not let you see anything, it is also a style that makes you look young and that highlights your features.

Sean Connery’s in the James Bond saga

Classic of classics, if you want an elegant, sophisticated and infallible look, then the James Bond style , with a slight parting to the side, is what you need. The good thing about Bond is that each actor has had a different cut, so if Connery’s doesn’t convince you you can always use Pierce Brosnan’s or Daniel Craig’s.

The one with James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause

A little long, a little tousled and very carefree. That of James Dean is one of those cuts that have become favorites with its relaxed style you need just a little comb with your fingers to make it look more groomed.

Tom Holland’s in Cherry

Holland plays a soldier in this film and at one point he can be seen shaved, which is undoubtedly the cut that will continue to be a trend for many years. The shaved look works for almost all men and is maintenance-free, so it’s perfect for those who don’t want to waste time in the morning.

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