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GI Joe Origins: Snake Eyes wins unreleased action-packed trailer; Look

Feature is scheduled to premiere in July

Paramount Pictures has unveiled the final trailer for GI Joe Origins: Snake Eyes. The preview reveals a bit of the warrior’s past and explains why he decides to enter the war against Cobra. Check below.

Snake Eyes is one of the most popular characters in the GI Joe comic book series, known for never speaking or removing his mask. Always in black, the soldier faces enemies with a sword and has a pet wolf named Timber. In the film, he is played by Henry Golding.

The franchise’s first film, from 2009, starred Channing Tatum, cost $175 million and grossed $302 million worldwide. Even with the reinforcement of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Bruce Willis, the sequel, from 2013, also did not perform well, raising only US$ 375 million in the world with a budget of US$ 130 million. Counting only the American box office, the two films lost money.

GI Joe Origins: Snake Eyes is slated to open on August 19th.

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