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Here are the 5 most eagerly awaited Netflix shows in June

As usual, Netflix has revealed what awaits us on the streaming platform for next month. After a month of May marked by many successful productions, notably the zombie film Army of the Dead or the science fiction camera Oxygen. On the program in June 2021: the second part of Lupine, season 4 of Elite and Black Lightning, Season 2 of the comic series Feel Good, and many other programs that are worth seeing. Fans of the Vikings series will also be delighted to return to Kattegat for the first 10 episodes of Season 6. In the meantime, 

Since the release of the first episodes in January 2021, Lupine has quickly become one of the most followed series on Netflix (whether in France or internationally). And to the delight of fans, June 11 will mark the return of Omar Sy in the role of Assane Diop, an absolute admirer of Arsène Lupine. After an eventful finale where Raoul, Assane’s son, was kidnapped by Hubert Pelligrini’s henchman, part 2 will place Omar Sy as the most wanted man in France. Determined to find his son, the modern-day burglar gentleman will once again have to use tricks and shenanigans to throw the police on his heels. “Make way for magic,” the character declares to conclude the trailer.

Elite , season 4 (June 18)

If you’re nostalgic for your high school years, Elite will continue to entertain you with its fourth season, slated for June 18. In Las Encinas, it is Samuel, Guzman, Ander, Omar, Cayetana, and Rebeca who will make their comeback, most of whom have redoubled their final year (except Cayetana who will be the housekeeper in the establishment). To bring renewal to the Spanish series, this season will also introduce new characters: Ari, Mencía, Patrick, and Phillipe, who are likely to cause trouble in the prestigious school. Of course, in luxurious parties and romantic relationships students will be upset by dramatic events. Judging by the police sirens that sound in the trailer, it certainly means a new mystery to unravel. 

Sweet Tooth , season 1 (June 4)

New Netflix Original Series: Sweet Tooth, adapted from the DC Comics comic book of the same name, hits our screens on June 4th. We immerse ourselves in a post-apocalyptic universe after the “Great Collapse”, an event that led to the mysterious birth of half-human, half-animal hybrid babies, hunted by humans. After spending ten years isolated in a forest, Gus (a half-boy, half-deer hybrid) befriends a wandering loner, Jepperd. Together, they will embark on an extraordinary adventure through what remains of America, in search of answers, whether it is about the origins of Gus or the past of Jepperd. Between allies and unexpected enemies, Gus will quickly realize that the world outside the forest is more complex than he could ever have imagined.

An outstanding dad(June 18)

When it comes to feature films, Netflix won’t let us down next month either. Worn by Kevin Hart and inspired by the autobiography of Matthew Logelin, the comedy-drama Unparalleled Dad will be released on the streaming platform on June 18. A widower after the sudden death of his wife, a young dad struggles to raise his daughter. “I’m a parent and I have no idea what I’m doing,” the actor says in the moving trailer. While we are more used to seeing Kevin Hart in a comedic register, this film could well mark the evolution of his career towards a more down-to-earth and dramatic genre. 

Awake (June 9)

Disorientation, hallucinations, hysteria… this is what an entire population has to face, when a world event has suppressed humanity’s ability to sleep. Starring Gina Rodriguez (who had already proven herself in Annihilation ), the sci-fi film Awake will be released on June 9 on Netflix. The actress plays Jill, a former soldier who must fight to save her family. While her daughter Matilda appears to be the only one who hasn’t lost sleep, she may hold the key to the cure and help restore chaos. But at what cost?

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