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Here are the ten most named series in history

While the list of Golden Globe nominated series was unveiled a few days ago. Movies Vibez has put together a list of the most named series in history.

The Crown, Ozark, The Undoing, or this year’s surprise, Emily in Paris: The list of series nominated for the Golden Globes has just been unveiled and without dispute, it is The Crown that crushes the competition with 6 nominations. The year 2020 has been more than catastrophic for the world of cinema, but for the small screen and streaming platforms, it has been very flourishing. The closure of cinemas due to the coronavirus pandemic unsurprisingly caused a boost to Netflix, Disney +, and Amazon Prime Video among others. These platforms also contribute to the success of series like The Crown orGame of Thrones airs on HBO Max and OCS. While waiting to discover the next winners, here is a selection of the ten most named series in history and which have marked pop culture.

Game of Thrones (608 Nominations according to IMDb) 

Fans of the series won’t be surprised. That’s Games of Thrones which tops our ranking of the most nominated series in history. The HBO series is the most awarded show in the history of American television. Aired for the first time in 2011, the series is a hit the world over. She has won 18 awards and has been nominated over 60 times. Game Of Throneshas won over viewers from all over the world thanks to its political, family and historical intrigues. This series has become a major phenomenon of pop culture with various controversies. First, it stood out from other series with the idea that you should not get attached to any of the characters. Anyone can die at any time. Secondly, the scenes of sex and violence aroused a lot of criticism but paradoxically also a lot of interest and the universe imagined by George RR Martin was able to unite a real community. A first on the small screen.

Mad Men (392 Nominations according to IMDb)

With 392 nominations and 138 awards won, Mad Men remains one of the most successful drama series of decades. The series broadcast between 2007 and 2015 follows the path of Don Draper played by Jon Hamm. An advertising genius who tries to reconcile his professional and private life while trying to keep his heavy secret. The series won five Golden Globes and sixteen Emmy Awards, therefore four consecutive Best Drama Series. The series is available on Amazon Prime Video. Mad Menbecame a cultural phenomenon from the broadcast of the first episodes. One of the slogans used to promote the series, “When men were men and women wore skirts” expresses ironic nostalgia for a very conservative period of the 60s when we find all the loopholes and the sadness of a certain vision of America.

Modern Family (383 Nominations according to IMDb)

The American sitcom aired since 2009 gathered 14 million people on average before stopping last year. In 2012, she was even elected by the Golden Globes “best comedy series”. For 11 seasons and 248 episodes, viewers followed the lives of the Pritchett, Delgado and Dunphy families. The comedy series owes its success to the diversity of its characters and its cast, far from Hollywood standards. In particular, the main characters could be seen as a gay couple who adopted a girl and a Hispanic woman in an important role. Modern Family shows that there are no set standards for being a family. She knew how to deconstruct the stereotypes about the family that made this series a success.

Breaking Bad (238 Nominations according to IMDb)

The series carried by the brilliant Bryan Cranston, whom you surely knew in the comedy series Malcolm, plays the role of Walter White, professor of chemistry in a high school in New Mexico. He has just learned that he has incurable cancer and he wants to find a solution to protect his family. The father will then convert into a dealer with the help of one of his former students, Jesse. Since its first broadcast in 2018, the series has garnered no less than 238 nominations and 152 victories. The series has become cult for the quality of its casting and its plot. It’s quite rare for the current series but Breaking Bad was able to stop at the right time and offers an end that did not disappoint its fans.

Downton Abbey (226 Nominations according to IMDb)

Before The Crown arrived , Downton Abbey was already exploring the world of British nobility. This drama series follows the Crawley family to Downton Abbey, an English castle in the 1910s. The family and their servants prepare to welcome the King and Queen of England. A very important visit which will trigger scandals and romantic intrigues by upsetting the future of the family. The series seduces and fascinates by its history against the backdrop of the “class struggle” between the rich and the poor and how these two social classes could coexist under the same roof, but also because viewers are still admiring and fantasizing about the aristocracy and the English monarchy. The success of The Crown and latelythe Bridgertons’ Chronicle confirms this aspect.

The Walking Dead (217 Nominations according to IMDb)

The Walking Dead is an adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s comics which have almost become cult in recent years. The actors of the series knew how to embody the characters of the comics without distorting their characters which delighted the fans of the beginnings. The AMC-produced series follows the journey of Rick Grimes who must survive an epidemic and a zombie invasion. Survival and end of the world are the ubiquitous themes of The Walking Dead, and the series’ shocking scenes made her a success. Airing since 2010, the series has received over 200 nominations and won 78 awards.

The Crown (217 Nominations according to IMDb)

The series on Queen Elisabeth II was a huge success around the world from the first season. But it was deemed a bit too factual and almost looked like a documentary about the royal family. It is the exit of season 4 with the arrival of the young Diana Spencer and Margaret Thatcher which will give a little more spice to the series. Viewers finally have what they want and can step inside the royal family. The series takes place until the 80s which allows the most curious to go search on Google what happened to the characters during or after the episodes. An aspect of the series that has generated many reactions on social networks.

House of Cards (215 Nominations according to IMDb)

House of Cards is the most successful political series on Netflix. She appeared in 2013 and owes her success first to a prestigious cast: Kevin Spacey (Kevin Underwood)  removed from the shooting of season 6 following accusations of sexual assault -, Robin Wright (Claire Underwood), Kate Mara (Zoe Barnes), Neve Campbell (Leann Harvey), Michael Kelly (Doug Stamper) or Jayne Atkinson (Catherine Durant). The series is originally carried by Franck and Claire Underwood and their thirst for power. The couple are constantly scheming to reach the White House by eliminating their biggest opponents. Between Franck Underwood’s aside, his dark humor and a fascinating Claire Underwood, the series has managed to stand out from all other political series. 

24 hours flat (208 Nominations according to IMDb)

On November 6, 2001, less than two months after the September 11 attacks that killed more than 3,000 Americans, the first 24-hour season was released It was one of the iconic post-9/11 and Bush years series. Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) is a fugitive and patriot who has a day to save innocent people from various terrorist attacks. This series revolutionized the small screen with eight seasons of 24 episodes – each lasting one hour – told in real time. What to keep under tension the viewers who follow relentlessly the adventures of Jack Bauer. 24 heures chrono made its big comeback at the start of the year because it has been available on Netflix since January 1, 2021.

 This is Us (191 Nominations according to IMDb)

This is us is one of the best current series. The series which has five seasons to its credit broke audience records with 13 million viewers for the finale of season 1. Far from violent series like Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead,the series is a perfect blend of drama, humor, and romanticism that appeals to all who watch it. A family series that we are not used to seeing and which tells us its story in the simplest possible way. It works because it takes place over several periods which makes it possible to see how people from the same family, from the same environment can have such different experiences. It allows each viewer to identify with a character and to question themselves in relation to their own life. Take out the tissues!

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