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House of the Dragon: who is Aemond Targaryen and how does he get a dragon

Alicent Hightower’s son plays a very important role in the Dance with Dragons, here’s what you should know.

House of the Dragon chapter 6 introduced several new characters, including Rhaenyra Targaryen‘s three sons, and Alicent Hightower’s now-teenage sons, and while Aegon is the most important, his brother is far more interesting.

As we see in the series, 10 years after Rhaenyra ‘s wedding, the two protagonists are no longer exactly friends, they both have three children under their care and the enmity that arises between them is at its highest point, and it is something that They will also inherit their children, who for now grow up as friends, but they will not always be.

For Alicent, one of the reasons she hates Rhaenyra has to do with what her father told her, who lets her know that if the princess becomes queen, Aegon and her siblings are all but dead. Of course, Rhaenyra has shown no intention of killing her half-siblings, but Alicent doesn’t see it that way, and the way Aemond Targaryen is treated doesn’t help the situation.

Aemond is Aegon‘s younger brother, and in the chapter, he becomes the butt of ridicule from his brother and his nephews, especially since he doesn’t have a dragon.

Who is Aemond Targaryen in House of the Dragon?

Queen Alicent and King Viserys have 3 children, 2 of them are boys and the youngest is Aemond, who doesn’t have the personality of his brother (who seems to lean more towards Targaryen madness) and is obsessed with dragons. , but she has the bad luck that the egg placed in her cradle never opens, as also happens with one of Daemon and Laena’s daughters.

Not all Targaryens have dragons at birth, and for Aemond that means he’s the only one of the group not training as a dragon rider in the Dragon Pit, made worse when his brother and nephews trick and make fun of him. him with a pig.

But Aemond isn’t always like this and these experiences actually end up making him one of the most brutal warriors in the realm, going by the name Aemond the Dragonknight. As his mother tells him, he eventually gets a dragon.

And Aemond’s dragon is not just any dragon, he manages to tame Vhagar (unbeknownst to his parents, they wanted to see him near the largest and most powerful dragon in the kingdom ), which is the dragon that belonged to Laena Velaryon (who convinced him that the killed when she realized she was going to die giving birth to her third child) and previously Queen Visenya, the wife of Aegon The Conqueror.

One of the incidents that marked Aemond’s life, and ended up destroying what was left of the relationship between his mother and Rhaenyra, happened when he was 10 years old. Almond, Aegon, and Rhaenyra’s sons train together and learn to fight as soldiers and warriors, but they always end up fighting and it is in one of those fights that Amond confronts his nephew Lucerys (after attacking his younger brother and calling them “Strong”. ”, as a reference to the rumors that they are bastards) and loses an eye during combat.

Almond, who is trained by Criston Cole to be a master swordsman, eventually places a sapphire in place of his eye and this is why he develops a grudge against his nephew, so he decides to take revenge against him once he killed her. A Dance with Dragons begins to take shape, using his dragon to destroy it (with this, Aemond becomes known as Kingslayer ).

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