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How much would Batman earn in real life? Here is the salary of the most famous superheroes

Does Batman earn more than Iron Man? Which superheroes have the worst pay? Do Marvel’s Earn More Than DC’s? The answers will surprise you.

Have you ever wondered how much money superheroes have? What would Batman’s salary be if he really had one? Would he earn more than Iron Man ?

We are not talking about their accumulated fortune but about the salary they would have for their daily job: CEOs of large companies, journalists, photographers, captain in the army …

The Vanquis website analyzed the works of Marvel and DC’s most famous superheroes and calculated how much they would earn approximately each year. Is Batman’s salary the highest? Will there be someone who can overtake him?

The salary of Batman and other DC heroes

Putting aside the investments and legacy of Bruce Wayne, if the owner of Wayne Enterprises really existed, he would make around $ 840,000 a year as CEO of the company.

Batman is, unsurprisingly, the richest of all superheroes. Within DC, he is followed by Oliver Queen (Green Arrow) whose annual salary would be 760,000 euros to be CEO of his own company.

In third place would be Barbara Gordon (Batgirl), who at the head of the Gotham Library would earn around 103,000 euros. Jefferson Pierce (Black Lightning) would have a salary of 88,000 euros at the head of a school and in fifth place we would find Dick Grayson (Robin / Nightwing), a detective of the Detroit police whose salary would be around 71,000 euros .

What about Superman ? What about Wonder Woman? In real life, Clark Kent would earn 45,000 euros as a reporter for the Daily Planet. A little more than Diana Prince who would receive 43,000 euros per year for her work as an antiques curator in Paris. They are among those who earn the least.

The salary of Iron Man and other Marvel heroes

The Stark family may have changed the world with their business, but Tony still earns less than Batman. His annual salary in real life is said to be around 782,000 euros.

After Iron Man, we find Doctor Strange, who as a surgeon (when he was) earned around 335,000 euros. Deadpool, as a mercenary, would have nothing to complain about with 153,000 euros per year, far more than what Charles Xavier would receive as the principal of his school, who would earn 112,000 euros.

Meanwhile, James Rhodes (War Machine) would earn just over $ 70,000 a year as an Air Force Colonel. Sam Wilson (Falcon) on the other hand, earned around 60,000 euros per year as a social worker even if we saw in Falcon and The Winter Soldier , that it is no longer his job.

Unsurprisingly, Peter Parker – aka Spider-Man – and Scott Lang – aka Ant-Man – are the lowest earners of any Marvel and DC superhero. Parker does not reach 16,000 euros as a freelance photographer while Lang is around 15,700 with his work at an ice cream parlor.

Here are the 10 superheroes who would make the most money in real life

1. Batman – 840,567 euros

2. Iron Man – 782,005

3. Green Arrow – 759,983

4. Doctor Strange – 335,550

5. Deadpool – 153,000

6. Professor X – 112,210

7. Batgirl – 103,599

8. Daredevil – 103,185

9. Black Lightning – 88.628

10. Nightwing – 71,400

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