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How the Nexus indicates the arrival of Doctor Strange and the multiverse

Commercial for the new episode of the series points to the arrival of the MCU Supreme Wizard

It is no exaggeration to say that the commercials shown during the episodes of WandaVision are riddles left for the public to resolve. With references ranging from Tony Stark to Hydra, the “breaks” went from reflecting the trauma experienced by Wanda Maximoff ( Elizabeth Olsen ) to give clues about the future of the character. Thus, it is not surprising that many fans were excited by the clues left by this Friday’s episode (19) that Doctor Strange and the introduction of the multiverse in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) are on their way.

In “Tearing down the fourth wall”, the commercial for the time shows a depressed woman who just wants to be left alone, exactly Wanda’s mood in the seventh episode. The poster girl is then introduced to Nexus, “a powerful antidepressant that anchors you to your reality … or the reality you choose”.

After citing the drug’s “side effects” – which include feeling your feelings, confronting its truths, facing your destiny and possibly more depression -, the ad warns: “only take Nexus if your doctor releases you to get on with your life.”

At first it is easy to see the parallels between advertising and WandaVision’s story , as Wanda literally creates a new reality in which her husband Visão (Paul Bettany) is alive. But the 40-second advertisement can also be seen as a harbinger of the arrival of Doctor Strange. It’s because? Simple: the Nexus.

In comics, the Nexus of All Realities is an interdimensional portal where realities meet, that is: it is the only place where there is a gateway to all existing worlds and realities. In the comics, this mystical place is in the swamps of Louisiana and is protected by the Man-Thing. Considering that the MCU does not make 100% literal adaptations, it would not be strange to discover that the Nexus is, in reality, the quiet city of Westview.

It is possible to take the Nexus as a metaphor for Westview, as, like the advertising medicine, it served to free Wanda from the pain of losing Vision. However, in recent episodes, heroin has suffered from side effects. Speculation is supported even by the medicine box, with a design that looks like intertwined paths.

Remember that the concept of a multiverse has been mentioned before in the MCU in Thor: Dark World. In this case, he was briefly quoted during a class by Dr. Erik Selvig ( Stellan Skarsgård ), most remembered as the moment when Stan Lee appears in the feature. Remember below:

But what about the strange Doctor?

First of all, it is important to remember that in the announcement of Phase 4 productions, Kevin Feige confirmed that WandaVision would be directly linked to Doctor Strange 2 , a film whose subtitle is Multiverse of Madness. As if that were not enough, the advertisement repeatedly mentions the importance of “consulting a doctor”, or Doctor in the original, in English. The main one says that the Nexus should only be used if the doctor “frees you to go on with your life”, giving clues that the Supreme Wizard can be fundamental to free Wanda and Westview from the reality created by her.

It is worth remembering that, in the comics, the hero played by Benedict Cumberbatch has already taken on the task of stopping Wanda. In the Avengers: The Fall arc , the Scarlet Witch’s mind is controlled by Dr. Doom in an attack against the Avengers. After a series of fatalities that end in the death of Gavião Arqueiro and Visão himself, the Supreme Wizard has a clash with Wanda, confronting her for not knowing how to deal with the grief of the death of her children. It is also important to remember that creators Brian Michael Bendis and David Finch  are credited with thanks for the series, which suggests that HQ has inspired the production.

With two episodes to come, WandaVision still has countless answers and surprises to deliver. It remains to be seen whether the multiverse is one of them, or whether it was just a quick wink for fans eager for more theories. Considering that there is a little loophole for coincidences in the MCU, perhaps the exploration of the multiverse really begins in the Disney + series.

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