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It’s official: Superman will return with a reboot and JJ Abrams is involved

A new superhero movie is already in development, will be produced by Abrams, but will Henry Cavill return? This is known

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? … No, it’s Superman who will have a new movie that will act as a reboot of the famous superhero. And everything indicates that the return of one of the most emblematic characters in comics will be in a big way, because the new film involves neither more nor less than JJ Abrams , the director and producer recognized for the majesty of the projects. 

And the famous director does not walk with circles, because he has already issued a forceful statement about the magnitude of the project that possibly vindicates the stumbled incarnations that the last son of Krypton has had throughout its history in the cinema. “There is a new, powerful and moving story of Superman to tell,” he said in a statement. 

At the moment it is also not known if Henry Cavill, who has played the superhero in the most recent installments that include “Justice League” and “Batman vs Superman” will have a participate in the new film installment. It is worth mentioning that the interpretation of the British actor has been one of the best received. 

Throughout its history, Superman has had different incarnations in his film adaptations, some of which have become outright failures and have been heavily crushed by critics as was the case with “Superman Returns”, in which the superhero It was brought to life by Australian Brandon Routh. One of the most remembered, by contrast, is Christopher Reeves, who donned the hero’s costume in some of the well-received tapes. 

The announcement of Superman and his new film, occurs just a few weeks after the premiere of the famous Justice League Snyder Cut, where, according to the previews, Henry Cavill can be seen wearing the famous black suit of the hero. 

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