James Gunn publishes video of Chris Pratt tasting a fly Look

Director of Guardians of the Galaxy celebrated his friend’s birthday with a prank

Director James Gunn shared a video of Chris Pratt eating a fly. According to the director, who worked with the Guardians of the Galaxy star, Pratt made the snack during a visit to his home.

The message was actually to commemorate Star-Lord’s 42nd birthday. In the caption, Gunn wrote: “Happy birthday to my lifelong friend Chris Pratt. Here’s a video of him coming to my house and eating a bug for no reason.”

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Check out the disgusting moment, when Pratt still says, “Some call it a mosquito, I call it lunch.”

Pratt’s next film, The War of Tomorrow, opens July 2 on Prime Video. James Gunn is already working on the new Suicide Squad film, which hits theaters on August 5th.

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