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Actor Jason Momoa has revealed on Instagram the new tattoo that he adds to his collection, “a huge piece that is related to his Hawaiian roots and culture.”

Jason Momoa has proposed a September of surprises because the new haircut with which he left everyone speechless after deciding to shave off his characteristic Aquaman mane for a good cause, now the actor has worn a new and inconspicuous tattoo on his Instagram.

Momoa was recorded as he prepared to catch a plane to New Zealand operated by Hawaiian Airlines company. “Proud to be Hawaiian,” Momoa said. “I have something for you”. After removing the hat he was wearing, the actor revealed a new Hawaiian tribal motif tattoo on the left side of his head and reaching down to his neck.

“He got his head and neck tattooed,” a rep for the actor told Just Jared. “It’s a huge piece, it’s related to his Hawaiian roots and culture.” The person in charge of doing this tattoo to Momoa has been Keone Nunes, a master of traditional Hawaiian tattooing, whom he labeled in the video.

The place chosen by the actor to get this tattoo with such meaning is not accidental, since in Polynesian culture, this type of maka tattoos -on the face- indicate decades of service to the community and the study of history. “It was a true honor 20 years of development,” Momoa wrote in the text that accompanies the video.

This was the process of Jason Momoa’s new tattoo

Knowing the stir that his new tattoo has generated, Jason Momoa wanted to share with his followers what it was like to get it done. Thus, he has shared on his Instagram profile a series of images and videos that document the process in which it is seen that the tattoo was made with a special technique typical of the culture.

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