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Johnny Depp made $3.65 million from the sale of his art

Despite the public image crisis that Johnny Depp has had, the actor managed to generate a huge amount of money with his art. 

Johnny Depp may not have the same impact in the cinema after the accusations made by his ex-partner Amber Heard, however, he has found other spaces to reach his fans, generating several million along the way. As an example, he recently made an art sale (in a debut for the actor) that generated more than 3.65 million dollars in a few hours, proving that perhaps his fame has not weakened as previously thought. 

a unique sale 

Johnny Depp has made a surprise online sale of his first art collection, which consists of portraits of some great personalities, such as Keith Richards and Bob Dylan, and is called friends & Heroes780 prints of all the paintings were put up for sale, which sold out within minutes of being published on the Castle Fine Art platform, in charge of the sale. 

In fact, Castle Fine Art first sent out a tweet claiming that the actor had broken the internet as – shortly after the collection was uploaded – the house’s website went down due to high demand from fans. impressions. Likewise, these were sold through 37 galleries of the house in different locations. 

“I have always used art to express my emotions,” said the actor. “My paintings surround my life but I keep them to myself and I limited myself. No one should be limited.” Also, he said that he decided to take on these characters to “reflect on who matters most to me, like my family, friends, and the people I admire.” Keith Richards is a friend of Depp.

In total, the works generated 3.65 million from the sale, which is undoubtedly a victory for Johnny Depp, who seems to have reaffirmed his fame with his followers. 

As we mentioned, the actor has found places outside of Hollywood to get closer to his fans and generate money. For example, the actor continues to play with the band Hollywood Vampires (alongside Alice Cooper and Joe Perry ), which reformed in 2022 and even gave a concert shortly after Johnny Depp‘s trial against his ex-wife Amber ended. heard . 

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