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Justice League | 6 comic books to read after the new Snyder Cut trailer

Origin of the New Gods, Joker hero and more

The new trailer Snyder Cut of Justice League was finally released on Sunday (14) and filled the excitement of fans. Among news and surprises, the preview of the version of Zack Snyder also caused anxiety for the film, which will arrive on streaming HBO Max in March.

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New Justice League SnyderCut preview

To help with the waiting, we have compiled 6 comic books to read while waiting for the film’s release:


The new trailer finally revealed the look of Apokolips in a grandiose scene that also featured Darkseid, Desaad and Grandma Kindness. For those who want to know the origin of these characters, the collection Lendas Do Universo DC: Fourth World is being published in Brazil . Written and drawn by the genius Jack Kirby , who at that time had left Marvel after creating great characters like X-Men and The Avengers , the stories present the mythology of the New Gods and their enemies of Apokolips, with emphasis, of course, for the villain Darkseid.


If you want to read a story that shows an unlikely alliance between the Justice League and the villains of Apokolips, the recommendation is Cosmic Odyssey . Written by Jim Starlin – Thanos co-creator at Marvel – and with art by Mike Mignola , the comic shows the Anti-Life Equation becoming an entity capable of destroying the entire universe. To prevent this from happening, the New Gods join Earth’s heroes and Darkseid himself. Full of action, twists and turns, this is a comic highly recommended for those who want to delve deeper into the cosmic side of the DC Universe.


It is hard to imagine a moment that caused more surprise in this trailer than the appearance of the Joker by Jared Leto. In yet another Knightmare sequel, the villain appears wearing a SWAT vest, indicating he is on the side of the good guys. For those who want to venture into a story in which the Joker is on the side of good, the indication is Batman: White Knight . Written and designed by Sean Murphy , the comic takes place in a parallel universe in which the Joker is miraculously cured of his madness after Batman loses control and tries to kill him. Recovered, he becomes a lawyer and files a lawsuit against the city for letting the Batman act freely, exposing how harmful the watchman is to society.


The new trailer made it clear that the Snyder Cut will devote a good deal of time to exploring Knightmare , the name given to the post-apocalyptic nightmare that revealed to Batman the future of Earth after the invasion of Darkseid and his allies. One of the comics that takes place in a violent and cruel world is Ponto de Ingição Flashpoint in the original). Famous for its adaptations in animated film and in the TV series, the story imagines what the world would be like if Flash went back in time to prevent his mother from being murdered. Thus, the hero initiates a butterfly effect and creates a cruel and pessimistic alternative reality


This is a recurring recommendation since Batman vs. Superman , which ends with the death of Henry Cavill ‘s Superman . However, HQ is again relevant in the Snyder Cut due to the presence of the famous black suit that the Man of Steel will wear in the film. It is worth noting that the uniform appeared during the Return of Superman, which was last published in the book The Death of Superman – Vol. 2 .


Another HQ constantly recommended by fans of Zack Snyder film is The Dark Knight of Frank Miller , one of the greatest classics of Batman in the comics. In addition to being the stage for the main clash between Batman and Superman, the HQ served as visual inspiration for various elements of the DCEU and returned again in the new trailer. In the preview it is possible to quickly see the Bat-tank, vehicle used by the hero in his memorable fight against the leader of the Mutants.

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