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‘Justice League’: Jared Leto’s Joker scene left over?

This is an article in defense of Jared Leto’s Joker in Zack Snyder’s Justice League . It makes perfect sense and I’ll explain why. So no, no leftover. In a small scene he gives a great dimension to the character and on top of that he gives us, once again, an alliance with the Bat Man who always makes us dick to the fans of both.

The scene between Joker, Jared Leto’s Joker, and Batman, Ben Affleck’s Batman, which, as it is, the Snyder Cut dignifies, in the epilogue of the new Justice League you are not getting enough love. What’s more, many fans are criticizing her. And the scene makes perfect sense. To begin with, Jared Leto has been able to create a Joker in the shadow of Heath Ledger, which is already complicated (he did it in Suicide Squad), and in the shadow, now, of Joaquin Phoenix, because now he is also compared to the Joker of Phoenix. And they are three completely different Jokers, how different was Jack Nicholson’s Joker. And all four are perfect. I know what I am talking about. Was the new Joker scene necessary in that apocalyptic future, in that vision of what is to come in Justice League 2 (whether it is clear or not if there will be a sequel). The laugh we hear is the unmistakable and highly personal laugh of Joker. That’s right, that’s how it is presented. “Tell me? Who have you loved?” Says the Joker. 

“You know [says, addressing Mera] perfectly what it’s like to lose a loved one … like a father … a mother. Like an adopted son. Not true, Batman? How many have to die in your arms for you to be insensitive to death? “, Continues the Joker. The tone, the cadence, are fabulous. In the worst moment that Batman faces he has to ally himself with the Joker and the Joker, as always, he behaves for what he is: a psychopath in love with Batman.

And then, like Doctor Strange, Joker says, “Sometimes I wonder how many alternate timelines you destroy the world on because, honestly, you don’t have the balls to die!” He takes out a joker and proposes a truce. And he also adds: “And I’ll be happy if you explain to me why you sent Wonder Boy to do a man’s job.” Well, well, well, there it really hurts Batman. It touches him where it hurts most, the hardest death for the character, more than that of his parents. It adds fuel to the fire: the Joker brings us a death in the family. But there is more. Batman responds: “… when he was holding Harley Quinn, as he bled and died, he begged me with his last breath that when I kill you and be sure that I will kill you, you bastard, I will do it slowly. And I will fulfill that promise”. The Joker obviously doesn’t care, but viewers are clearly not. “You’re good. I almost swallowed it,” says the Joker. And laughs.

In Justice League 2 heroes and villains team up in the apocalyptic future as they try to warn the past of what is about to happen. Batman has had to take a desperate measure. That SWAT Joker vest truffled with police badges makes the hair stand on end. Who would dare ally with this animal? And the answer is: someone desperate. That’s why the Jared Leto scene was necessary. Without it we would not really know how far the heroes are about to throw in the towel.

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