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Justice League’s Snyder Cut: Everything You Need To Know

Justice League’s Snyder Cut is getting closer to being a reality for fans. The new version of the Zack Snyder movie will premiere soon.

Cut Snyder Justice League is the new film Zack Snyder, producer, director, and screenwriter who has directed several films like 300, Man of Steel, and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, to name a few examples.

As part of the launch of its new official trailer, which was published today for the first time, we want to delve into everything you need to know about this film.

  • Justice League’s Snyder Cut comes in response to the discontent of Justice League fans with the version they saw of this film in 2017. When it was released, expectations for this film were very high, and it was disappointing for fans. Viewers come across what many considered a superficial story with technical flaws and narrative inconsistencies.
  • To remedy this fan disagreement, the American production announced that they would release the version of the original cut that Snyder had already approved and that it would be shown on HBO. However, the details of the story, its characters, and interpreters were still somewhat hidden and it was revealed little by little through publications on social networks, where some characters could be appreciated and also where the release dates of different stages were announced. of the premiere of the film.
  • The reason Zack Snyder’s story was modified had to do with the fact that during filming, the director’s daughter passed away. This caused both he and his partner, who was working on the film’s production, to withdraw from the film. At that time, Joss Whedon, responsible for the film adaptations of The Avengers comics, was left in charge of the process . Also, prior to this, Snyder had commented that there was a lot of interference on the part of Warner Bros in the script and that this was altering the original conception of the story.
  • Although the feasibility of this cut being public was doubted, as it could constitute a counterproductive move for the film studio, fans for a long time insisted on their interest in seeing the director’s cut. For example, with the hashtag #ReleaseTheSnyderCut. In time, they succeeded. This caused some people to worry since in the movement, several fans posted videos and photos on the internet destroying the theatrical version of the film on DVD or Blu-Ray, in addition to having made several aggressive comments about the tape. For this reason, members of the study were concerned that by satisfying the demands of the fans, a paradigm could be established that would always obey the demands of the audience,
  • Justice League’s Snyder Cut will feature the same protagonists as the 2017 version of the film: Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg, as they fight the threat of Steppenwolf. In this cut we will also see The Joker, played by Jared Leto, one of the most iconic villains.
  • The Snyder cut, as this version of the film was nicknamed, will last four hours that may be presented as a whole or perhaps as a series of contents. Although everything seems to indicate that it will be a single four-hour version.
  • Restoration and completion of the cut cost an additional $ 70 million, which was invested in improved visual effects, editing, and additional filming.
  • In addition to the technical details, the story of the Justice League Snyder Cut will be completely different from the one that was released in theaters in 2017. In fact, this cut will not include any scenes filmed by Joss Whedon for the assembly of theaters and will have a different temporality. It will also feature many never-before-seen scenes and myths about the construction of the Justice League universe that have not been seen before.
  • The new version of the Justice League will be released on March 18 by HBO Max, a streaming platform that is about to arrive in Mexico, and which represents one of the first attempts by Warner Bros to have cinema exhibitions both in theaters and in theaters. streaming. Snyder himself commented that they are designing distribution plans for the film for places where HBO does not reach.

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