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Keanu Reeves and Brzrkr, the new Netflix movie based on his comic

Keanu Reeves recently announced that he would be releasing his BRZRKR comic, and a Netflix movie and anime inspired by it are now in development. We tell you what it is about. 

Although Keanu Reeves is already John Wick, Neo and Constantine, he is still on his mission to become another action superhero, and he will fulfill it since it has just been announced that the actor will star in the BRZRKR film based on the same comic as him. wrote, thus being the first actor to play a character written by himself. This film will be a Netflix original , which will also develop an anime series based on this project, which will barely reach the eyes of viewers. 

BRZRKR: Keanu Reeves’ Vision

Last year, Keanu Reeves announced that he would publish his own comic series called BRZRKR created in conjunction with veteran Matt Kindt (who has worked for Marvel and DC) and artist Ron Garney, who is also an industry insider. The story follows an immortal warrior known as Berzerker, who has a fight of 80 thousand years through history. The character is described as half-mortal and half-god, inclined to violence and with a curse behind him. And, after wandering through the closure for centuries, he finds a refuge working for the United States government, performing missions that are too violent and dangerous, which he does because if he follows instructions and does his job, he will be given the answer of how to finish. with his life finally. 

The graphic novel is 12 editions and will be published by Boom! Studios from March 2021. The first edition has already been a success, selling more than 615 thousand copies, being its best debut in 30 years. This is the first comic the actor has worked on, who has admitted to being a fan of the medium. And just near its release, it has been revealed that Netflix will develop a film, starring and produced by Keanu Reeves, which will follow the character he wrote. But in addition, there will be an anime series inspired by the comic. 

According to a Variety report, this film and the series (which will feature the voice of the actor) will not be direct adaptations of what will be seen in the comics but will be “expansions” of the comics and will serve as stories linked to they. 

According to the report, the BRZRKR movie will come out first and then the accompanying anime, both of which will also be produced by Boom! ‘ S Ross Richie and Stephen Christy! Studios. Of course, if the film is successful, sequels are expected to develop, and since Reeves has a particular passion for this project, he would ultimately stay with the character. 

At the moment, no release or production date has been announced and it has not even been announced who will be the writer of the series, or if the actor (who is an example to dress after 30) will be personally in charge of some of the scripts. . Similarly, although some characters have already been presented in the comics, the casting has not been announced, with Reeves being the only one confirmed at the moment. 

Reeves already took up the mantle of Constantine in a movie based on the comic , which has generated quite a bit of buzz online from some looking for a sequel to be developed. On top of that, the actor claimed that he would like to play Wolverine in a movie, while some rumors say he has been offered roles for Marvel , yet to be confirmed. 

At the moment, Reeves is close to presenting the fourth part of John Wick in addition to the new sequel to The Matrix , where he will return to play Neo . The two films are expected to arrive in 2022, and if the BRZRKR production moves fast we could see up to three action films of everyone’s favorite actor in that year. 

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