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Knives Out 2: everything we know about the movie

The Daniel Craig and Ana de Armas film will have a second part on Netflix and we already have some details.

Knives Out was one of the best films of 2019 and it surprised us with a story about the search for the murderer ( whodunit ) in which Daniel Craig had to do everything possible to expose the lies of a privileged family and discover who was behind the death of an elderly millionaire whose fortune gave everyone a reason to want him dead.

The first film, directed by Rian Johnson, featured Craig’s performances as a very intuitive detective, Ana de Armas, as a nurse who couldn’t lie, Chris Evans (wearing the sweater from the cinema that broke the internet) , Jamie Lee Curtis , Michael Shannon, Toni Collette and many great actors who gave life to a peculiar family full of secrets, and in the end revealed to us that things are never what they seem.

Craig’s detective discovered that it wasn’t exactly a murder, that the nurse had been a part of it all, and that the family he was investigating had more problems than they wanted to show. The end of Knives Out was perfect, but that was just the beginning of a saga that, according to reports, will have a second and third part thanks to Netflix.

What do we know about Knives Out 2?

For now it has only been confirmed that Netflix has plans to make at least two more films and that the first of the sequels is already in development, Variety revealed that Daniel Craig will once again be Detective Benoit Blanc, in addition to Dave Butista , who also working on Guardian of the Galaxy 3 , he just joined the project with a character that has yet to be revealed.

Batista and Craig , who this year finally premieres No Time to Die (after which another actor will take his place as James Bond), had already worked together on Specter , so this is also a kind of reunion for the two actors, although we don’t know what their relationship will be in this movie. Bautista is likely one of the characters Craig will have to interrogate and investigate during the sequel.

In March, Netflix bought the rights to “Knives Out 2” and “Knives Out 3” for $ 468 million, and Rian Johnson is known to return to direct the sequel, which plans to begin production in Greece this summer.

What could Knives Out 2 be about?

Netflix has kept the details of the plot a secret, and they have not announced to the rest of the cast that they will participate in the new mystery, but, taking into account what happened in the first movie (which reminded us of the Clue game ), we can be confident that it will be another murder mystery in which Benoit Blanc will be called in to investigate.

Of these we are sure: there will be a murder, several suspicious people (as in the Agatha Christie novels ), many lies and a detective who will have to do everything possible to discover the truth and do justice.

The cast:

Dave Butista was the first confirmed, but later The Hollywood Reporter revealed more of the actors that were already confirmed. Deadilne and The Hollywood Reporter revealed that the actress Moonlight , Janelle Monae , has been chosen for an unspecified role. WandaVision’s Kathryn Hahn (aka “Agatha All Along”) and Edward Norton (Fight Club) will also appear, although their characters have not been revealed.

The latest confirmed to appear in the movies are Leslie Odom Jr. , who previously appeared on One Night in Miami, and Kate Hudson , who we remember for her role as Penny Lane in Almost Famous. For now, it is not known who his characters will be. 

It is not known if more of the original actors will return, but Ana de Armas , who received a Golden Globe nomination for her role in the first film, told Flaunt in October: “I hope this is one of those surprises that will bring me 2021, a phone call from Rian ! “

When is Knives Out 2 released?

Production starts this summer, so that means there is still a long time to go before the film is finished, but we may be able to see it sometime in 2022 if things go well.

As for the premiere of Knives Out 3 , it will surely tell a different story and reunite a new cast of Hollywood stars who will be involved in some kind of murder mystery involving Benoit Blanc, but that one is probably going to be detained. until the second part is finished and it reaches the Netflix catalog (which likes to see how a movie is received before giving it sequels).

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