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Loki: who is Lady Loki and why is she important to the MCU

We have always known that Loki has many forms, Lady Loki is one of them and this is what you should know.

There are spoilers for Loki chapter 2 here so if you haven’t seen it yet, you’d better save this reading for when you’re done.

The Loki series did not keep us waiting for a big reveal, the second chapter of the series reveals Lady Loki for the first time in the MCU and shows that she is the “villain” who is causing all the problems of the AVT , and which has caused a lot of destruction in the timeline, although for now we do not know what her motives are for doing this and if she is really the bad guy or in fact the Time Keepers are tyrants who must be stopped.

The actress Sophia Di Martino was chosen to give life to the female version of Loki in the series, with a look similar to that of her character in the comics and with a mysterious mission that is probably more complex than it appears and we are not going to be able to fully understand until the end of the series comes.

But who is Lady Loki really?

Not an invention of the series, Loki has used his shapeshifting abilities to change his appearance throughout the history of the comics, and that’s where Lady Loki was first introduced.

Things point to that Lady Loki is not the only variation that we are going to see of the god of mischief in the series (there is talk of the possibility of seeing Old Man Loki, Kid Loki and more), but the female version is a good point to explore the character’s gender fluid (yes, Loki has always been gender fluid ), and also to open up the multiverse a bit more (and all of that is probably going to blow up in the Doctor Strange sequel).

Loki first appeared in Marvel comics in Venus # 6, created by Jack Kirby in 1949, but the version we know of appeared until Journey to Mystery # 85 of 1962.

Loki is the son of Queen Farbauti and King Laufey , and, like his counterpart in Norse mythology, he behaves as Thor’s ally and foe at various points. Loki has taken many forms, he took the human body destined for Lady Sif, whose spirit was trapped inside an old woman in the hospital where Jane Foster worked, in 2008 in the Thor series by J. Michael Straczynski, Marko Djurdjevic and Olivier Coipel and is there where Lady Loki makes her debut as a villain.

In the series, Loki was using this form to manipulate people, confirming that Lady Loki was really Loki, with the same abilities and personality, simply in a female form, which means that, in the Marvel series, she is a Unique rival to the god of mischief, as he knows him perfectly well and can do everything he does.

Like her male counterpart, Lady Loki is also torn between heroism and villainy , and she can be manipulative, but if the situation is right, she can also do great things for humanity.

Why is it important to the MCU?

Nerdist explains that during the Dark Reign storyline, Lady Loki became part of Norman Osborn’s group , which includes Spider-Man villains and characters like Emma Frost, Doctor Doom and Namor (who could be played by Tenoch Huerta in Black Panther 2 ). We know that Disney has plans for X-Men and the Fantastic Four , so Lady Loki could be a way to connect all these stories, although it is very likely that, if that happens, it will be in the future and not necessarily in the series. .

For now, Lady Loki is a good way to explore Loki from a different angle, talk about his fluid gender, and show that Loki can be seen in a million different ways (he can even be DB Cooper) while still losing his identity.

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