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Loki’s sexuality is new in MCU, but not in comics understand

While the villain’s sexuality was never the subject of Marvel movies, a few years ago comics made it the canon

“Lamentis”, the third episode of Loki, surprised fans not by a bombastic event but by a tender moment: a dialogue between the God of Cheating and his variant, Sylvie. In a very honest conversation about love, Sophia Di Martino’s character asks if Loki hasn’t had many candidates in his life to occupy the position of princess by his side. “Or maybe another prince,” she suggests, as if she already knows the answer to come. Tom Hiddleston then spells it out: “A little of both. I suspect you do too.”

The moment caught a lot of spectators with a bang. And doubly. Besides Disney doesn’t have many openly LGBTQIA+ protagonists in its canon, just suggestions here and there — on the MCU itself, they said Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson) would be bi, but nothing in Thor: Ragnarok demonstrated that — in no production to Loki’s sexuality was hinted at anyway. However, readers of the Jotunheim heir comics are well aware that he is bisexual.

In Young Avengers (vol. 2 #13), written by Kieron Gillen, Loki already stated: “my culture doesn’t share much of the idea of ​​sexual identity. There are sexual acts and that’s it”. A subtle phrase, but enough to understand that he’s not straight.

For now, it seems unlikely that Loki will have time to put the God of Cheating on a love relationship. There are three episodes left in the series and, in retrospect, there aren’t many kisses in MCU productions. Maybe a flirt with agent Mobius (Owen Wilson)? Or perhaps Loki assumed the form of a female character, as was Lady Loki’s origins in the comics? After all, it is worth remembering that the show has also assimilated to Marvel’s shared universe another well-known feature of the anti-hero in the comics: the fact that he is a fluid gender person, that is, he does not always identify himself as a man or as a women. Well, it doesn’t hurt to dream.

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