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Love and Death: Elizabeth Olsen’s True Crime Series After WandaVision

After creating his own alternate reality, Olsen will tell the story of a real murder from the 1980s.

Elizabeth Olsen already has a new project called Love and Death , a miniseries that also has the participation of David E. Kelley and Nicole Kidman , who have worked together on series such as Big Little Lies and Nine Perfect Strangers, and will now be producers. .

After surprising us with her role in WandaVision , where she also demonstrated her enormous ability for comedy, Elizabeth Olsen (who also has great movies like Martha, Marcy, May, Marlene and Wind River) will go on to tell the story of a famous real murder that took place in Texas in the 1980s.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Olsen will play Candy Montgomery, who was convicted of murdering her neighbor and friend with an ax after having a secret relationship with her husband.

In addition, Love and Death is the second project on the case of Candy Montgomery and Betty Gore (her victim). Elisabeth Mos s is currently making Candy , which will also be a limited series that is in development with the same creators of the series The Act (about the case of Gypsy Rose Blanchard and the murder of her mother who made her believe she had a disease terminal).

“This is a gripping story about the frustrations and desires of two women in a small town culminating in a terrible act of violence,” said Sarah Aubrey , director of original content for HBO Max. “We are delighted to partner with David, Lesli, Nicole and Per [Saari] and we are incredibly fortunate to have Elizabeth at the center of our story to bring out all the layers of Candy that make this story so unforgettable.”

What will Love and Death be about?

According to reports, Love and Death is based on the book Evidence of Love: A True Story of Passion and Death in the Suburbs of John Bloom and Jim Atkinson and a number Texas Monthly two parts of the same authors, “Love & Death in Silicon Prairie “.

“We cannot imagine a more perfect artist to play the title role of Candy than Elizabeth Olsen, ” said Lionsgate TV Group President Kevin Beggs. “His talent, charisma and energy can cast a spell on audiences like no other. We are proud to collaborate with a world-class creative team of Lesli, David and Nicole on this exciting and intriguing series and to bring another exciting premium property to our partners on HBO. Max “.

The case of Candy Montgomery

Before becoming an assassin, Candy was a traditional homemaker and mother in Wylie, TX, she spent her free time teaching about the Bible and attending Lucas Methodist Church, where she met Bethany (Betty) and began forming a friendship that eventually turned to hatred, after Candy developed feelings for Betty’s husband, Allan Gore.

According to the story, Candy confessed her feelings to Allan, but he told her that he loved his wife (who was pregnant with their second child) and that he would not be unfaithful, but his relationship with Betty began to suffer and Allan finally decided to accept. to Candy, with whom he had an affair. Candy and Allan met at a Motel and made sure that no one knew what was going on between them, maintaining their normal routines so that nothing was suspected.

Things were going well between them, but after Betty gave birth to their second child, she and Allan decided to go to marriage therapy and he and Candy decided to end their secret relationship. Days later, Allan had to go on a business trip and, when he called home, he worried that no one was answering, so he called Candy to see if he knew anything about her, but he told her that everything was fine.

Allan was worried because the hours passed and he did not know anything about Betty, so he called his neighbors to go to his house to check what was happening, there, they found Betty’s baby in her crib, and the woman’s body covered in blood on the ground.

Allan sought solace from Candy, who had been caring for his eldest daughter, but the police soon discovered a bloody fingerprint at the crime scene and she knew they might uncover the truth. Candy supposedly began to destroy the soles of her shoes, but she soon became the main suspect because she was the last to see Betty alive, although she seemed to have no motive.

Finally, Allan revealed that he had been in a relationship with her and Candy was charged with the murder, but she received a lot of support from her Church and hired a lawyer who said that she suffered from a major childhood trauma that had led her to develop a rage. huge as an adult.

At trial, Candy said that Betty had attacked her after confronting her about her relationship with Allan, claiming that it was she who took the ax in the first place and tried to kill her , they fought and Candy took the gun and killed Betty in self-defense, provoking 41 wounds.

The trial was short-lived and, despite all the evidence, Candy was found not guilty.

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