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Magic Mike 3: Everything we know about the movie with Salma Hayek

Channing Tatum is back for one last dance and it promises to be one of the funniest comedies around.

Magic Mike’s Last Dance is on its way and it will be the last of this stripper story. 

The Magic Mike saga began in 2012, when Steven Soderbergh recruited Channing Tatum and Alex Pettyfer to become professional strippers for a film in which a veteran passed his wisdom on to a new generation.

Magic Mike was a pivotal moment in Tatum’s career and made him one of comedy’s biggest stars (and something of a sex symbol, too), so it wasn’t a surprise to find out the movie was getting a sequel in 2015, called Magic Mike XXL and which was joined by actors like Joe Mangianello and Matt Bomer.

Now the Magic Mike story comes to a close with a third film called Magic Mike’s Last Dance, again directed by Soderbergh and featuring a cast of new actors that includes Oscar nominees and up-and-coming talent.

When the end of the saga was revealed , Channing Tatum wrote that “the stripperverse will never be the same again”, but at the time the details were kept under wraps and nothing was said about the plot or the possible actors who will accompany it. all to increase curiosity about the film.

Now, the details have already been confirmed and there is even a trailer that lets us see what the end of Mike Lane’s story will be like.

Magic Mike’s Last Dance Trailer:

The trailer promises a perfect film to close this story, which promises to be much bigger, brighter and more striking than the previous ones, especially since this time Salma Hayek plays a key role.

When is Magic Mike 3 released:

In an interview with Variety , Sodernbergh revealed that: “The movie is sort of a fictional procedural about Mike coming up with the idea for a show, and then the obstacles, of which there are many, in trying to make his vision of it a reality. what this new thing could be.”

According to reports, the third movie begins after Mike quits his job as a stripper and gets a new job at a bar, but soon something happens that leads him to relive the old days and return to that world once more, with in order to travel to London to create one of the biggest shows in history.

The cast of Magic Mike 3:

Channing Tatum returns to fire Mike Lane, while Salma Hayek has joined the project to replace Thandiwe Newton (Westworld).

In this regard, Soderbergh said that: “I had not seen Salma in 22 years after she did a small role in Traffic. She just brings a lot to the table. Anyone who has spent any time with Salma will see that there is a lot of Salma in the film. movie”.

For his part, Channing told People it was important to have a well-written female lead. The actor said, “I don’t want to say, [for her] to take the lead, but really let the movie be about a woman’s experience and not Mike’s experience because it’s been so much about Mike’s experiences and the guys. These movies are very, very girly. At least that’s our intention.”

In addition to Hayek, the film also stars Adam Rodriguez, who has played a stripper named Tito in the earlier films, Caitlin Gerard, Gavin Spokes, and a host of new dancers that have not been revealed.

What Magic Mike 3 is about:

The film will hit theaters on February 10, 2023, and will then be available on the HBO Max platform.

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