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Mare of Easttown: Kate Winslet must solve a murder in her HBO thriller

The first trailer reveals a veteran detective who must deal with a personal crisis while trying to solve a violent case.

Kate Winslet comes to HBO with a new crime thriller, Mare of Easttown , in which she stars as a detective in the midst of a personal crisis who is involved in a violent murder case that impacts a small community.

Mare of Easttown was written by Brad Ingelsby , writer of Run All Night and The Way Back , and marks Winslet’s return to television after she starred in the Mildred Pierce adaptation 10 years ago (which was the series that earned her a win. at the Emmy Awards ).

The series is one of the big premieres that HBO has prepared for this year and is a crime drama in which Winslet plays a woman named Mare Sheehan, a detective from a small town in Pennsylvania in Delaware County who must prevent her personal life is destroyed while you take part in an investigation that has more twists and turns than you bargained for.

According to Deadline, Mare of Easttown explores the dark side of the inhabitants of the small community and is an analysis of how family and past tragedies can mark a person permanently, and is directed by Craig Zobel.

What is Mare of Eattown about?

The synopsis simply says that “A small-town Pennsylvania detective investigates a local murder while trying to keep his life from falling apart,” but Winslet and the show’s creators have already revealed a few things about it.

Winslet said in an interview that she received the script for the series while she was filming Ammonite ( which could win many awards this season ) and said it was one of “the biggest challenges she has ever faced,” adding that it is a story. with a lot of heart that is inspired by reality.

About her character, the actress explained that “She looks nothing like me, that’s pretty scary at best if you’re an actor who likes to feel terrified and exposed. I’ve never done anything like this and was excited. reading something that immediately captivated me. I really felt the feeling not only of who she was, but also of the world she lived in and from where she came from; that sense of community; being so ingrained in a society that from time to time you you forget who you are. “

The cast

In addition to Kate Winslet, Mare of Easttown also features Julianne Nicholson, Jean Smart, Angourie Rice, Evan Peters, Guy Pearce, Cailee Spaeny, David Denman, John Douglas Thompson, Patrick Murney, James McArdle, Sosie Bacon, Joe Tippett and Neal Huff .

Ingelsby, Zobel and Winslet are also serving as executive producers alongside Paul Lee and Mark Roybal, Gavin O’Connor and Gordon Gray.

When it premieres?

The thriller will arrive on HBO and HBO Max on April 18 of this year with 7 chapters in which little by little they will reveal the secrets of Easttown and the truth behind the murder that detonates all the problems for the protagonist.

For more realism, Zobel explained, “We definitely looked for so many locations and things that were very region specific. Delaware County and that area of ​​southern Pennsylvania look unique in their own way and we wanted to make sure we had as many as possible. in the frame”.

“We told HBO that we had to shoot it where it was really set in the story,” he said. “I think like the accent, the setting is so important … it adds a sense of richness and authenticity.” (What you mention about the accent was a challenge for Winslet, who had to work for weeks to make it perfect.)

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