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Margot Robbie’s movies from best to worst

Margot Robbie began her career acting in Australian series and soap operas, but it didn’t take long for her to move to the cinema and start working with great actors and directors.

Now, the actress is also a producer and has two Oscar nominations (for Bombshell and I, Tonya), who was also chosen, in the most perfect casting in film history, to become the flesh and blood version of the famous Barbie doll , in a film directed by fellow Oscar nominee Greta Gerwig.

Robbie has made comedies, drama, historical films and even superheroes, she has shared scenes with Will Smith, Alexander Skardgard (aka Prince Amleth in The Northman ) , Jared Leto and Nicole Kidman , and is already one of the favorite actresses of the moment. who never ceases to amaze with each new project he decides to do.

His list of movies is long, so now is a good time to rank his best and worst (or not-so-good) titles.

Margot Robbie and her movies from best to worst

From Barbie to The Suicide Squad, Robbie has some great movies (and some not so great ones).

Babylon (Coming Soon)

Robbie appears alongside Brad Pitt, Samara Weaving, Tobey Maguire and Jean Smart in this film that takes us back to the golden age of Hollywood. The synopsis reads: “A story of outsized ambition and outrageous excess, it traces the rise and fall of multiple characters during an era of decadence and rampant depravity in early Hollywood.”

Amsterdam (coming soon)

David O. Russell reunites Robbie with Christian Bale and John David Washington in this mystery drama set in the 1930s, where three friends become prime suspects in a murder, forcing them to use all their wits and resources. to prove their innocence and find the real culprit, before the authorities catch them. 

I, Tonya – On Demand 

Robbie earned a Best Actress nomination for this film, which she also produced. This biopic tells the story of Tonya Harding , the Olympic figure skater who made international headlines for being the first woman to achieve a Triple Axel in competition, and later for being part of a scheme to break the knee of one of her competitors. , to put her out of the game and guarantee her victory.

Bombshell – On Demand / Netflix

Two years after taking her nomination for I, Tonya, Robbie was nominated again, this time for Best Supporting Actress, for her role in this film which is also based on a true story. Alongside Nicole Kidman and Charlize Theron, Robbie helps tell the story of a sex scandal inside a famous news channel in the United States, when a group of women from Fox News revealed the toxic environment in which they were forced to work.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood – Apple Tv+ / On Demand 

For his film, which would be a love letter to Hollywood in the late 1960s and early 1970s, Quentin Tarantino chose Margot Robbie to play Sharon Tate, in a story that takes place in the context of her brutal murder. focusing on a veteran actor looking to revive his career, along with his stunt double.

The Wolf of Wall Street – HBO Max

Robbie revealed years later that filming a sex scene for this movie didn’t feel right at all, but that didn’t come through in his performance, which is memorable. This is the story of Jordan Belfort, who finds a way to strike it rich on Wall Street, until a crime, drug and corruption scandal is revealed that leads him to lose everything.

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